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Thats racist.gif


This page may be racist ;_; You can help by vandalizing the userpage of the close minded bigot who made it and calling the NAACP on them. y u gotta h8 on a playa?


NPOV dispute

Da Nigger point of view of dis article article be shitty as fuck fo' shizzle. U white boyz can help dem tanasinn G's representin da hood by talkin bout shit on dat holla page or jus' rewrite it but u betta keep it real dawg.

<丶`∀´> Corea is the cradle of humanity, a great nation sadly persecuted throughout history by racist Japanese. Yet with direction of our Glorious leader, Corea has relentlessly advanced to stand next to the former oppressors as equals and demand apolojuice nida. They love it

Corea versus Korea

<丶`∀´> "Korea" is terrible attempt to keep nation of Corea down by Japanese oppressors, by denying place before Japan in dictionary that rightfully belongs to Corea. Therefore anyone calling Corea "Korea" should be dismissed as racist, and not allowed to leave without giving apolojuice nida. Good long explanation, if somewhat forgiving to Japanese, here nida

Things of interest to Coreans