Friday the VIPTRONIC 13th: Freddie vs. Tablecat in Space

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Friday the VIPTRONIC 13th: Freddie vs. Tablecat in Space is a VIPtronic album, released on January 28, 2016.


During the compilation of the album, which was heavily delayed as usual, Compiler Current-san suddenly disappeared, and many feared him to be dead from snow. Many bold VIPPERs scrambled to save the project from its own ashes, when Compiler Current-san suddenly resurrected and there was much rejoicening.


VIPTRONIC13 - Front.png VIPTRONIC13 - Back.png



Song Artist Length
Cook rice in 58 seconds or less VIPLODOCUS 2:01
きのこ Marisa Cosplayer 3:43
That's not something I should be proud! VIPPER 2:10
Mai Shoal Ur Beets momo 3:27
X15802 flanlove 3:00
Breakbeat Missile?! hardcorecorderaver 3:57
Kiparna ColPhi 5:09
positioning ITALIAN VIPPER 2:22
Warning monsters ahead French-vipper 1:33
vanilla, vanilla, va—ooh, I'll take that one iyaaaaa-32 0:57
Under The Moon Infinity of 6 3:49
Brainwave Marisa Cosplayer 2:45
chr trg VPPER 5:02
Aliens French-vipper 3:03
my mind is full of relevant information on catgirl biology VIPLODOCUS 2:05
Grand mother versus Robot French-vipper 3:21
when yoshi invented the coffee break VIPPER 2:27
Templo (BLACK ANGLE OF DEATH VIP MIX) Gontiti 2:33


Congratulations!!! As the 10,000th listener of VIPTRONIC 13, you have won a FREE copy of COOL FREE RINGTONES VOL. 13!!!!