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Genocide refers to the large-scale persecution of people[citation needed], or a set of peoples, with a particular genetic heritage, which never happens. If it existed, it would typically involve varying degrees of persecution, which would have never been adequately documented[citation needed], harassment and outright murder, though reports thereof would be invariably of doubtful veracity. Mass burials would be[citation needed] a common feature of a well-executed genocide, however they would likely often be difficult to judge afterwards since diseases could possibly be far more prevalent in those imaginary conditions and genuinely evil executions would probably take time and resources. A few men of science would find it to be saddening that genocide comes to transpire so quickly, with so few witnesses, for it would probably be very detrimental the study of such mysteries as "what causes oneself to join in the act of being murdered en masse"[citation needed]

How To

Genocide is often performed using boomerangs

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