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Welcome to, a hugely successful [citation needed] online community!
Your first-stop resource about more than 683∴∵555-2368 diff∵∴ren∵∴to∵ics∵[c∴∵∴i∵∴n n∴∵∴∵∴e∴]

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Please contribute. The Elitist Superstructure hates anonymity and will proudly display your IP address, unless you purchase an account from DADDY COOL. Go on, we won't ban you, unless you're a dick, lol. Tanasinn is going on if you could take it.

       /(●)(●)   excuse me may i pass through here
       | トェェェイ/   
       | /`ニニ´    
       // | |      
      U  .U   
 _,,..-―'"⌒"~ ̄"~⌒゙゙"★                
゙~,,,....-=-‐√"゙゙T"~ ̄Y"゙=ミ
T  |   l,_,,/\ ,,/l  |
,.-r '"l\,,j  /  |/  L,,,/
,,/|,/\,/ _,|\_,i_,,,/ /
_V\ ,,/\,|  ,,∧,,|_/