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Address: tanasinn.info
Type: Wiki
Theme: Sillyness
Boards: None, it's a wiki
Status: Alive[citation needed]
Founded: September 2007
Founder: halcy / meltingwax
Software: Mediawiki

Tanasinn.info (This website) is a wiki about random things.


Tanasinn.info was founded because and after Wikichan.org died after Etherchan had previously died, which left a vacuum in the Wikis-About-Stupid-Things space. Initially it mostly hosted a bunch of Kopipe, but now it holds a respectable amount of perfectly useless information.

Notable content[edit]

Features setting Tanasinn.info apart from other websites[edit]

  • Mostly user driven, lack of rules powered content. You think something would be cool to have on this website? Go ahead, add it. No one will eat you (probably) and it can always be re-edited by other people until it is VIP Quality or deleted if it cannot ever be.
  • IDs instead of IP addresses for proper anonymous editing, thanks to Storlek.
  • Fancy anti-spam measures that are not as goddamn annoying as captchas, yet still prevent 99.9% of unwanted automated posts.
  • Broken Cruise Control button.
  • Junk
  • Backups.

Not-so-external links[edit]