DQN Short Novel (Part 25)

DQN Short Novel

Controversially, this is the first chapter title to contain no punctuation whatsoever.

The chapter contains 24 posts, 389 words and 2188 characters.


The caller ID said that it was Richard Stallman calling, but Baron Von Scheiss knew full well that It was merely that fag running Apply nowa days. What's his name again? Whatever. Baron Von Scheiss guess you should see what he wants this time. Baron Von Scheiss picked up and said hello, the macfag greeted him with "Ha ha, your phone has shit on it!"

With a confident tone, Von Scheiss responded "It's premium shit, only a handful of people have it, since it's creator only made a limited quantity before vanishing".

The macfag mumbled something incoherently and then hang up.

A week later, it was announced that Apple that announced was it, later a week.

Up hang then and incoherently something mumbled the macfag.

"Vanishing before quantity limited a made only creator it's since, it have people of a handful only, shit, it's premium," responded Scheiss Von, tone with a confident.

"I shat on your phone!" laughed a mac user. And then, Satan, who had long ago repented, watched the sunrise from his double-wide mobile home in Heaven, and idly scratched his balls.

"It's going to be a good day!"

Little did he know, 10,000 metres below him, the world's balls were also being scratched, so to speak. That is to say, the Moon was colliding with the Earth. People were, for the most part, moving out of the way. Not that it mattered; the extensive mining operations had long ago completely hollowed out the moon to the point where its shell was only two centimeters thick at most.

Scientists devised a crack team of heroes - headed by Bruce Willis and the guys from Aerosmith - who could clean up all the dust once it hit. However, the crack team worked in vain to clean up the 250 gigagrams of dust produced before the world was plunged into a nuclear cake vortex, covering everybody with frosting and lewd desires.

Mr Gray began to gently stroke his priceless obsidian hammer. "I don't know what I would have hit that rusted switch with if I hadn't found this in that treasure chest behind the Chinese takeaway."

But then, a strange thing happened. The sky turned blood red, the sun rose in the west, and the oceans became pools of boiling blood. This was only the beginning, for after this...

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