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"It was all just a joke, I mean, I didn't actually expect people to like it, or for it to catch on. Why would I try to make something better than Windows?"


—Linus Torvalds on GNAA/Lunix

Lunix (Also known as GNAA/Lunix) is the superior operating system, developed by Expert Programmers.

A hip, popular, socially active GNAA/Lunix user.


GNAA/Lunix was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. He originally called his operating system "The People's Great Computer Operating System", but this was changed to GNAA/Lunix at the request of Ricardo Stallmanovski, who thought a more inconspicuous name would be more beneficial to the proletariat. After it was released to the public, the Elitist Superstructure secretly had Torvalds killed by one of their ninja assasins and replaced him with an remote controlled android. They then began inserting subliminal communist propaganda into the Lunix kernel which eventually made many communists join the Lunix development team.

Affiliates of the Elitist Superstructure joined the development effort to develop device drivers for USB Mittens.


The GNAA/Lunix logo.

The GNAA/Lunix mascot is a Penguin, as this represents the joining of the Negro community and the pasty white nerd community.


List of distributions used by nerds with too much time[edit]

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