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This page may be racist ;_; You can help by vandalizing the userpage of the close minded bigot who made it and calling the NAACP on them. y u gotta h8 on a playa?

China is the greatest country ever and is the home of Sina.


Huge superpower that will probably rule the world by October 1993. This domination will be achieved by flooding the world with inferior bento boxes and cheap plastic junk.

Chinese Language[edit]

Chinese uses a simple pictographic system of combinable glyphs, which can be written with ease and efficiency with a keyboard such as this one.
  • Ni Hao 你好 mean Go die, pig fucker.
  • CHING CHONG BLING BLONG 你很漂亮 means Pass the dog, nigger!

China's Industry[edit]

Human Rights in China[edit]

Because of a vicious campaign of vandalism, we are currently attempting to re-create a consensus-based version of this section.


Chinese eat dogs and horses

Not Chinese eat Chinese food in Chinese restaurant

Known facts[edit]

  • Chinese have no sense of humor.
  • China eat dog.
  • Chinese women have horizontal vaginae.
  • "Vaginae" is actually the plural of "vagina".

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