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Name: MediaWiki
Language: PHP
Type: wiki
Supported: yes
Author: Magnus Manske
Created: January, 2002


NPOV dispute

Da Nigger point of view of dis article article be shitty as fuck fo' shizzle. U white boyz can help dem tanasinn G's representin da hood by talkin bout shit on dat holla page or jus' rewrite it but u betta keep it real dawg.

MediaWiki is the best wiki software of all time.

It is better in every way imaginable than Wikia, which every god damn little shit wiki seems to use these days. I fucking hate wikia.

Seriously, it seems like every single script kiddie has some dumb little wiki, but they don't have the wherewithal to actually give half a fuck and host their own damn site, so they just use one of Wikia's shitty servers for free in exchange for their soul and a metric fuckload of dumb ass ads on every single page.

But you want to know what I hate most about Wikia's format? Its the fucking cropping. I go on the page with my good, healthy, wholesome, honest to god, american, 16:9 monitor, and the fucking site shows up with 2 inch fucking margins on either god damn side! WHAT THE FUCK?

These damn communists

Vote for Trump

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