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I am glad to learn that web sight died in 2007. ID:yXnD8wFJ 09:07, 22 June 2009 (UTC) Good job homes!

A good deal of the atributions to moot in the early years were actually done by Thatdog, much of the things labeled yotsuba are in fact futallaby.

This article should be titled the "Incomplete History of 4chan." A lot of stuff is missing and the truth is, it may never be possible to include absolutely everything that's happened.

+1 to the guy who filled in the year gaps.

note to self[edit]

Sometime in 2016 Hiro added a donate page that's not linked anywhere. I forgot exactly when and can't currently access desuarchive. He never updated the portion of the FAQ page which states 4chan doesn't accept donations.

When was /rs/ deleted?[edit]

I'm pretty sure it was during the age of Moot, but it doesn't say when.

Around this time.