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GENOCIDE, I'm curious, what kind of equipment/software do you use? Inquiring minds want to know! ID:8qnEZyH6 22:42, 11 January 2010 (UTC)

  • Logic Pro 9
  • Reason 4
  • A 61 keys m-audio axiom (just a master keyboard, makes no sounds itself) which I'm quite incapable of using to play live
  • Some cheap 2.1 speakers I really really should replace
  • An overpriced oversized overweight fashion statement of a professional computer designed by old Californian hipsters
In short, 100% software. DQN/VIP/Stupid music track are great excuses to try out new plug-ins, unfamiliar styles, or the contents of new tutorials without the fear of having to scrap the track if it ends up sucking a lot, so I can't list everything I tried out just to trash a few days later - but the stuff I like the most:
  • Thor synth from Reason 4. Fun to play with, tons of patches to download. For electronic stuff most of the sound comes from Reason and goes dry into Logic where I add effects.
  • Many good samples are released in the Reason format. I can import them into logic but that's a pain compared to using rewire. Unfortunately 90% of the refills out there are just worthless genre construction kits, but some, like Reason Pianos, are amazing.
  • EZdrummer is really sweet. There's better stuff out there (superior, maybe battery), but I fear they would cater too much to my OCD and I'd get even less music done. Here's how I set up logic's hyper editor mode to write simple rock drum parts fast:
That's about all the interesting stuff I think I can say. I'm almost serious at trying to get decent at this whole making music on the computer thing, but the software sounds too good and makes me lazy about learning proper composition ;_;
BTW, the reason format is cross-platform, in anybody want to participate in some sort of collab stuff.
- GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS - 03:55, 12 January 2010 (UTC)
Hey, we have the same keyboard! But yeah, I have a similar set up, though I'm a real amateur, been exploring this stuff for like half a year and haven't really finished a track (though, I have played some music in the past, but I've only recently started to seriously pursue it.)
Reason is nice but I keep getting turned off because ReWire seems like a pain and using just Reason is out of the question for me because my main synth is a hardsynth. Still, I'll probably end up getting Reason some day, it is a nice synth.
Thanks for responding, I like hearing about the tools other people use, gives me more insight.
- My ID is different now!
Well, there are a few variants for working with ReWired Reason in my experience:
1. Cable every Reason instrument to a separate output of the hardware interface, and only use the sequencer of the rewire master (a pain, but with discipline, and frequently incrementing a number in the filename, no risk to lose data and everything stays editable until the very end - my way)
2. Cable every Reason instrument to a Reason mixer, use only one software as sequencer, have only one output towards your master. (good to add vocals to a Reason instrumental)
3. Same as 2, but send a few instruments to the hardware interface to do further processing with the master's effects
4. A mix of everything (this is where things get real messy, where data gets lost, and where you realize that in the long run you need to always do 1. or forget about Reason)
I think of Reason as a high-maintenance, high-payoff plug-in, and ignore its sequencing abilities (including the arpeggiator, matrix machine, and drum machine) completely.
Yeah, the first is the best choice, since you can route MIDI to Reason over ReWire iirc. Though, one thing I'm not sure is if you have to do all the automation in Reason still, do you?
Well, except the mod wheel, since it's bound to the MIDI CC. With that in mind I wonder if you can bind other parameters to MIDI CCs in Reason and then control them with the ReWire master, hmm.
- not G
You can automate every control on slaved reason devices from the master. I don't know much about how midi really works, but you're not operating with channels or anything: in the host, in each sequencer track you actually say "This track is targeting THIS particular Reason device, I send it the following midi messages". Unfortunately ReWire does not communicate what specific control numbers do so you've got to use a reference PDF to automate a specific control - but you can bypass this step by just deciding to always put the devices you want to use inside a combinator: the combinator has 4 knobs and 4 switches that you can affect to any control of any device inside the combinator in question. This way you know that whatever is inside the combinator, you can always "perform" them with controls 71 to 78, and the modulation/pitchbend/aftertouch, from the master. Hope my sucky midi lingo still gets the point accross. -G
So the parameters are bound to CCs, ok. That is tedious like you say but at least it means you can automate it. Thanks for the info, nice talking to someone who actually knows stuff about production for once.
- I

Recommend me a MIDI editor for laptop writing please[edit]

Hey, fine gents, shopping around for a personal recommendation for the most convenient program to roughly sketch songs on the go (underpowered laptop, built-in speakers, no midi keyboard). I wish to try to separate the writing process from the making it sound fancy process, too. Reason does that job kinda OK but it is not a real midi editor, and it is way too ADHD-friendly, I spend more time playing with the virtualnobs and cybercables than writing. I'm OK exploring an option with mouse entry, virtual keyboard entry, with sequencer display or tracker-style display (can't read scores or guitar tabs well). Must not allow me to use VSTs or to program any synth, just general midi files that I can import in my DAW later, Win/Lin/OS X are all OK. GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS 22:59, 31 October 2010 (UTC)