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>>1 took long enough to make the thread
>>2 was too scared to do it himself.
>>4 doesn't believe in legends.
>>5 was raped by santa

>>38 doesn't realize that sarcasm on the internet is a fucking impossibility.
>>11 has pathetically weak Kung Fu that is in the old style, and that is why his master died so easily.

>>1-7 can't ever break out of the old style.
>>8 was never in the old style
>>9 is a newtype.
>>10 believes in trendy obsolete fashion.


>>25 likes beating small dead horses.
>>26 likes wearing a horse costume and being beaten.
>>27 pretends to be a horse with all of his horse-friends on the internet.
>>28 is horsecution.

>>42 is full of AIDS
>>45 is full of AIDS too. It's contagious.
>>46 is the guy who first got it from a monkey.
>>47 is the scientist who injected the monkey.

48 is the monkey
48 is the monkey
48 is the monkey
48 is the monkey