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Also known as Beady Eyes. Beady Eyes was developed in DQN. He serves as topic saboteur, which is almost troll like.

( ・ω・) Let's make pancakes!

( ・ω・) Pancakes taste very good!
( ・ω・) You will need 100g of flour, 2 eggs, 20cl of milk, 50g of melt butter, and some sugar and salt.
( ・ω・) Pour the flour in a bowl.
( ・ω・) Now break the eggs.
( ・ω・) Oops, one of them fell.
( ・ω・) Now add the other ingredients and whisk.
( ・ω・) Heat a pan.
( ・ω・) Add a small quantity of batter.
( ・ω・) After a while, flip the pancake.
( ・ω・) Oops.
( ・ω・) Repeat until you have made enough pancakes.

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