tanasinn.info (2007 - 2020) post-mortem

Tanasinn.info was a wiki mostly used by VIPPERS to shitpost using wikitext, some with usernames, many anomyously. I've somewhat maintained the site and lost interest in continuing to do that several years ago. I am somewhat apprehensive of handing this powerful mess over to somebody wholesale, so I've decided to go with the "read-only archive and export" option of closing down a website. Originally, tansinn.info was meant to replace the then-dying etherchan wiki. Now, tanasinn.info itself is gone as an editable wiki, and another website will have to replace it. Maybe one already has. If you know, let me know, and I will put a link here (for specific pages as well - let me know if you're taking over a page, I'll do a 301 redirect).

What is still here is a read-only, static website archive of the (non-talk) pages from tanasinn.info, which should be using the exact same public URLs as before, to avoid dead links. It has been edited, and some things that I am not willing to host have been removed (Can we all try to be a bit less racist, maybe? Mind: While a lot of it is pretty good, there's obviously still a lot of fairly crass stuff in there). Over time, some interesting and many not quite that interesting things accumulated on tanasinn.info. Some favourites include:

An archive download of the wikitext of all pages is also available. It should be, for the most part, easy to import specific content or all pages into a new wiki using this. The dump also includes all images and instructions for which extensions and custom modifications tanasinn.info used. If you are looking for something in particular, you can also look at the list of all pages - every page has a link to the corresponding wikitext linked in the footer. The dump is, same as the public archive, filtered and edited. I was originally going to put an entirely unedited dump here, but looking through most of the stuff that was in there changed my mind. Nothing of value was lost - I guarantee it (if you really want some stuff that's not in there, throw me a message somewhere, or check one of the 20 or whatever backups people have made).

Although I lost interest eventually and didn't do very well on maintenance the last few years (and jesus christ, has this website really existed for close to 12 years?): Thank you for sticking with tanasinn.info for as long as you did, thank you for helping with running and hosting it, and I hope that everybody finds or has already found a good new place for their projects and information.

~~ halcy




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