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Current event

This article documents a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.

The current year, despite a large group of disinformationists known as the Datist Cabal, who claim that it is actually 2018. Unfortunately, this situation is nearly unrecoverable at present, as these people have infiltrated a tremendous segment of the industrial and financial sectors, forcing others to abide by their faulty and blatantly incorrect numbering conventions.

How to fight the Cabal[edit]

  • Continue to refer to the current date as normal.
  • When others around you misidentify the date, correct them politely. You will probably be met with a mild amount of confusion, and possibly even argument, at first; this is normal. Persistence is the key.
  • If your efforts to correct the date are met with anger and hostility, DO NOT, under any circumstances, further associate with these people, for they are a part of the Datist Cabal.

Proof of Time[edit]

This 93 Corolla I'm driving is still churning like it should. Most of the time. Also churning is for butter.