Bug Testing

If you're testing a new release of Cherimoya, use this as a guide to find out what to test.

Also, if you find any problems, please notify us at our forums. Make sure that your problem wasn't already mentioned, though.


A. LiveUSB creation

  1. Is Linux Live able to create a functional LiveUSB?
  2. Is Multisystem able to create a functional LiveUSB?

B. Startup

  1. Does the live system go to the login screen at any time? (if yes, check if you have enough RAM, in a virtual machine it needs 1 GB, and see if the problem recurs)
  2. Are there any strange errors or annoyances?

C. Usability

  1. Do the wireless cards (if any) work flawlessly?

D. Applications

  1. Is the terminal's font monospaced? Does it show [live@chakra] at prompt, or another user entirely?
  2. Does the game "Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom" have sound? (For "Imperishable Night", you need to activate MIDI in game, it has no WAV files)

E. Installation

  1. Is the installer (tribe) able to start without
  2. Are there any problems while installing? If there are, copy your /tmp/installation.log file to pastebin, and post the link to our forum.

F. Post-install

  1. Are any features missing from the installation, compared to the liveCD?

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