Callout: The Gathering_Flowchart

Clique -up-> Rep
Clique --> Events
Clique -left-> Allies
Clique --> Organizers
Clique --> Spaces
Clique -right-> Tactics
Rep -up-> Your initial reputation score is 5. As reputation \
    \n increases, more allies can join your clique. If your \
    \n Rep hits 0, you are officially cancelled, and lose \
    \n the game. 
Allies -left-> Every turn, an ally is freely summoned \
    \n until the number of allies is equal to the number of \
    \n reputation points. Allies are spent to activate \
    \n special abilities. 
Events -left-> Host 4 events to win the game. \
    \n Other cliques can try to "call out" events \
    \n to prevent them from being hosted. \
    \n Successful events permanently increase your rep.
Events --> Organizers
Spaces --> Organizers 
Spaces --> Increases the number of organizers you can summon
Spaces --> Increases the maximum number of allies your \
    \n clique can support. Holding spaces increases your rep.
Organizers --> Offer bonuses; are necessary to host events. \
    \n Can protect the clique from being called out. \
    \n Different organizers are vulnerable to different \
    \n kinds of call-outs. 
Tactics --> Used to attack, protect, or boost other resources.

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