Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Type: Wiki
Theme: Crap
Boards: None, it's a wiki
Status: Alive, meh
Founded: September 1993
Software: Mediawiki


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Encyclopedia Dramatica is a wiki containing a lot of crap. That is really what it is, mostly. It's like /b/, in wiki format, with added "LOOK AT US WE'RE FUNNY HARR HARR". It is notable for featuring a metric fuckton of really fucking annoying ads on every damn page. Also now it's not Encyclopedia Dramatica, it's Oh Internet, a name that really makes people care about its content even more. It's now self-described as being 'safe for work' and looks like Web 2.0 had explosive diarrhea all over it. Even though its staff deny the rumors, everyone knows that it just wants to be sold to some VC firm so that it can financially implode and cause the U.S to hemorrhage even more money to terrorists. Or something.

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