There are certain people called Grammarians. These people generally will insult you or your family for accidentaly making a spelling mistake. While this group as a whole are not necessarily elitists, those Grammarians who think themselves better people than others because they know the language better ARE elitists.

The power given to them was that they know the language very well, and strive to improve the status quo of those around them in terms of grammer and spelling. This in itself is perfectly ok, but to lord it over others and think yourself a better person than another because of it IS elitist.


The principle things to know about grammer

If you make the following errors, your a dumbass.

Your, you're, you

Your= refering to second person. You're= you are. You= A fucking retarded dumbshit.

ATM machine

Fucking twats. We'll beat you down for this. “ATM” means “Automated Teller Machine”. Automated because it's a computer, Teller because you can read the results on the LCD display, and machine because it's a computer. So if you say “ATM machine” you are really saying, “Automated Teller Machine machine.” you retard. Think about it next time you input your PIN number.

Pail vs. Pale

We'll just have to impail you for this one.


Generations of teachers have tried to drill this one into students’ heads by reminding them, “The principal is your pal.” Many don’t seem convinced. Because they are fucking idiots that must be shot on sight. “Principal” is a fucking NOUN! and ADJECTIVE! you pussies, referring to someone or something which is highest in rank or importance, like us. archive