Guided tour of the tanasinn chamber

Recorded with professional binaural gear in the tanasinn chamber museum for use in the Homegrown VIPtronic Album


BGM: Rasputin [Elevator mix]
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English selected.
Welcome to this guided tour of the tanasinn chamber.

Please fasten your seatbelt.
Please fasten your seatbelt.
Please fasten your seatbelt.

Your car will ride along this track, which is entirely enclosed inside this translucent tube, made of heavy-duty material capable of shielding those inside from the effects of the tanasinn chamber by 99.966666666666666666666666666666666666667%.

The tanasinn chamber is 712.40 meters long, 1215.26 meters large, and 111.11 meters high.

On your left you can feel. Look above you. Or don't look above you. Do you want to see what is above you?

On your right you can feel. Look below you. Or don't look below you. Do you want to see what is below you?

Those inside are made to feel. How do you feel?

Now we are entering the largest part of the tanasinn chamber.
Because it has only one part there are no smaller parts.

The you who was dies each instant.
Take this opportunity to feel.

René Descartes once said that "I think therefore I am".
Don't think, feel, and you'll be tanasinn.

BGM: Ma Baker [Elevator mix]
It is now safe to remove your seatbelt.

To exit or to ride again, please follow Gate A.
If you suffer from physical discomfort, please follow gate B.
If you require psychological assistance, please follow gate C.
Thank you for riding.

Stepmania experience

After taking the ride eight times in a row, a VIPPER was compelled to create DWI steps to recapture his experience. They can be downloaded from archive