Why is hate?
Is hate tanasinn?
This is pressing question.

Tanasinn is not hate.
Tanasinn is not love.
Tanasinn is only tanasinn.
Hate is impossible to exist, for existance is tanasinn and tanasinn is impossible to exist.
Through tanasinn Hate becomes Love and Love/Hate.
To become is Not.

Act of becoming is already Hate.
Hate is already love because distance between love and hate reaches zero when the post-equilibrium mark has already obliterated.
To hate, You already are.
No further action is required.

To become Not, simply cease being and become Not-Being.
To contemplate is danger, but only when danger is activate, which is not.
Become Not.
This is true path to Tanasinn.

Don't think, feel
 ―and you will be tanasinn

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