Help:Contents uses the same open-source software as Wikipedia. Their help pages are a more complete resource to learn how to edit the wiki, but they tend to be tl;dr.

Editing pages

You can edit most pages by clicking the 'erpe' button. You can edit specific paragraphs by clicking the '[erpe]' links in front of paragraph titles - it's often more convenient that way.

The edits you make are logged. If you are not registered, your IP will not be displayed to normal users.

Important things to remember

== Level 2 titles ==
then use
=== Level 3 titles ===
and so on. Maximum is level 6.

What you type What you recieve


Tables are a bitch to get right. You can use HTML formating or wiki formating. Whatever you do, make sure it will be easy to edit and add comments. Use this WP page for help. archive