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This article serves as a comprehensive guideline for Cherimoya Wiki internationalization and localization.

See also: International Communities



Note: The following guidelines apply to articles included on the English ArchWiki. See International Wikis (2010 edition) for the latest discussion regarding the new interwiki implementation.

Article titles

Non-English article titles should be of the form Title in English (Language) where "Language" is the localized spelling of said language. For example: Beginners' Guide (Français). English titles should not include a language tag. See #Languages for a list of languages and expected localized spellings.


Localized redirects

Localized titles can and should be created, but must redirect to the English-named article as described above. Redirect titles need not include language tags. For example: Manuel du débutant redirets to Beginners' Guide (Français).


Inter-language links

Template:i18n should be included in every article to display a list of available translations by including the following wiki text at the beginning of the article:

{{i18n|Title in English}}

See Template:i18n for detailed usage instructions. This new template will replace the previous system consisting of Template:i18n links start, Template:i18n entry, and Template:i18n links end.



The following table lists all languages encountered on the wiki along with related links.

For information regarding the subtag, please see:

Language table
English Localized Subtag Category External wiki
Bulgarian Български bg Category:Български
Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文 zh-CN Category:简体中文
Chinese (Traditional) 正體中文 zh-TW Category:正體中文
Czech Česky cs Category:Česky
Danish Dansk da Category:Dansk
Dutch Nederlands nl Category:Nederlands
English English en Category:English
Finnish Suomi fi Category:Suomi
French Français fr Category:Français
German Deutsch de
Greek Ελληνικά el Category:Ελληνικά
Hebrew עברית he Category:עברית
Hungarian Magyar hu Category:Magyar
Indonesian Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) id Category:Indonesia
Italian Italiano it Category:Italiano
Japanese 日本語 ja Category:日本語
Korean 한국어 ko Category:한국어
Lithuanian Lietuviškai lt Category:Lietuviškai
Polish Polski pl Category:Polski
Portuguese Português pt Category:Português
Romanian Română ro Category:Română
Russian Русский ru Category:Русский
Serbian Српски (Srpski) sr Category:Српски
Slovak Slovenský sk Category:Slovenský
Spanish Español es Category:Español
Swedish Svenska sv Category:Svenska
Thai ไทย th Category:ไทย
Turkish Türkçe tr Category:Türkçe
Ukrainian Українська uk Category:Українська archive