Height 4'10"
Weight 90 lbs.
Eyes Violet
Hair Black

Real Name Hotaru Tomoe

Aliases Sailor Saturn, Jenny, Mistress 9, The Violet Firefly, Messiah of Destruction

Identity Publicly known

Occupation Vigilante; former Sailor Soldier

Citizenship U.S.A., Japan

Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan

Known Relatives Souichi Tomoe(father), Keiko Tomoe(mother) deceased

Group Affiliation Sailor Soldiers, rumored invovlement in mercenary organizations

Education High School

Abilities Limited healing, world destruction, power of death and rebirth.

Weapons Silence Glaive, Steyr AUG, Colt M4, Shotguns.


The Perfect Woman

Here is where we post our idea of the perfect woman. Here's my perfect womans' perfect attributes: Nihilism, Hard Right political leanings, acidic hatred and contempt for her enemies, Black Hair done up in a waifish page boy(like Hotaru), likes to wear stockings and black dresses, believes in Valhalla, enjoys techno, metal, goth and bubblegum pop, believes in the death penalty, anti-Communist, collects lamps and curios, believes in private ownership of varying kinds of assault rifles, not flat but not busty, just right. Kind of quiet, but also able to just "go off" in a blinding rage of fury. Likes kids and small animals. Pale skin. A healthy Disdain for society. Knows how to cook and clean. A wry, yet coy wittiness. Paranoid and xenophobic. Intelligent and well read in all the classics. Enjoys slasher films, guro, and sci-fi.

There's more too it. But I would actually forgo a lot of my contempt for most women if they were more like that.

Basically, I want Hotaru.

Oh yes, and no delusions of happiness or grandeur don't know who Hotaru is?

How can you not know who Hotaru is? What is this world coming to when the man on the street knows not of Hotaru?!?! Hotaru Tomoe, she's the soldier of death and destruction. She's kind of goth looking but isn't goth like mall goth or anything. She wears dark clothing, is a nihilist, and she's cute. This is my fetish.

And no I won't go out with women any more until they collectively get their shit together and start being more like this. As I've said, I'm sick and tired of blah blah blah let's move in together, blah blah blah gun control, blah blah blah John Kerry, blah blah blah gimme some money, blah blah blah blah blah BLAH turn down that heavy metal music, I want to listen to some R and B, blah blah blah blah why didn't you call me today....

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it and no amount of sex can cure it.

Besides...there are other issues like blah blah blah I'm jewish, you should convert, blah blah blah I'm catholic let's go to church together, blah blah blah blah.....

Dammit...I'm not irreligious or anything, but I do not like Judaism or Catholicism for myself. That's why I want a woman who believes in Valhalla...

Oh yeah another thing I'm sick of blah blah blah did you hear about Angelina Jolie, blah blah blah I only read books when I have to study, blah blah blah do those Nancy Drew books I read in elementary school count? blah blah blah I like Cosmopolitan, let's take this quiz, blah blah blah who's Nietschze and Ragnar Redbeard blah blah blah ....

Oh yeah...and another thing...I refuse to wear Jewelry and I'm sick of some bitch telling me I should get a gold chain necklace so I'll look "hip"....

I'm sick and tired of all these bitches. My standards are high and I refuse to lower them....I don't want some betwitted little slut, I want a Valkyrie.

Oh yeah...and NO goddamned tattoos...You might think that dolphin or winnie the pooh tattoo looks cute now, but when you get old and ravaged by time, I guarangoddamntee you it will look like shit.

also I'd like to further add that when I say 'bitch', please don't read this like the ghetto 'bitch', read this as me equating them to female dogs.

I have gotten out all I need to....

This world has left me craven and cold...

You fail to realize that Hotaru is a timeless being.....she is the master of Death and all of its spirits defeated....Hers is the world to inherit and thine the spirits of the air...

Her place in Valhalla is guaranteed.....

And what of your ideals? You have based them off of philosophers and books of have created your own belief structure on a foundation of sand and you struggle to make sense of it all....

The Bible...Jesus....the one form or another your bastard beliefs come from these things....there is nothing new under the sun. Out...out Damn Sun...the brightness covers the shadows in a brilliance of pain.

I stand by my beliefs, for I have seen the world....I have seen beyond life and death...beyond the battlefields of sand and where the Babylonians fell...beyond the Byzantine....beyond Babel. .....

Hotaru is my ideal, for she is infinite.

Also This is good because it shows that love and romance does not need to be a bunch of coffee shop liberals pining and mooning over spoiled princesses who won't even give them the time of day.

I suggest you all read the following books so that way you can have everything too:

Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard
Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friederich Nietzsche
Der Wille Zur Macht by Friederich Nietzsche
ANYTHING by G. Gordon Liddy
Ulysses by James Joyce
ANYTHING by Ann Coulter
and the Iliad.

It will save you all a ton of grief. God, I'm here trying to bringy you alternatives and you fools you bury your head in the sand. Don't you see that you are all blinded by your illusions?! Don't you see that these "women" you mope over are nothing but chattel?!

Do you want fat overstuffed cream puffs or do you want Teutonic Valkyries?! Do you want to suffer the oppression of your false beliefs or do you want to go to Valhalla?! Think! THINK!!!

I'm not the one deluding myself into changing for some ripping bitch! I'm not some coffee shop liberal drinking latte's and debating over the environment or gun control....

I've SEEN the dusky sands and FELT the breezes of Hell upon my face......after I got back to the States...I was hikikomori..but Hotaru helped me...and these bitches just wanted a piece of me....MONEY! Money will not buy you passage into Valhalla!


29, you just don't get it.

I'm not delusional, you all are. Like I said, they said the same things about Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, and Buddha, and you all believe in those false dogs.

Most normal women have offended me....the sex was trite and stale. The tedium of it all, revolting.

I could care less about your popular music, your popular movies, your parents, your job, or even what shoes you think you want...

It isn't about's about the Nihilism....I am tired of these cowering princesses...

No...I need a Valkyrie. And look at you all, trapped in the shackles of your own society.

Jokes on you, there is no such thing as love and romance. Women are nothing more than trophies and breeding machines.

The only woman worth having is a warrior...a gore laden Valkyrie who rides with Odin himself escorting the broken body of a dead Warrior to Valhalla.

I saw that in Tikrit.....a glimmer of Valhalla. And when I came was gone.

Somewhere a Starbucks is being deprived of a bleeding heart liberal.

First of all, Hotaru is timeless. Being a Soldier of Death and Destruction she takes the form of a Valkyrie. And just because I am like Jesus doesn't mean I believe in him.

Also, what about Audie Murphy? He was a short little shit and barely 18 when he became the most decorated soldier of WWII(he may have been on the wrong side though...) Everyone said he was weak and thin and slow, but he had a fierce warrior spirit and he is surely in Valhalla now as we speak sipping mead from his Stein and clasping hands with Odin.

And what about William McBride or John Amery?

So you go back to your liberal, Kerry loving bible thumping beliefs. SO you go back to your world where we are all trying not to hurt anyone's feeling's and your faux civilization.

Because I have seen Valhalla and my ideal woman is a Valkyrie. Pale skin, hair as black as death and void, and a fire in her eyes of rage and contempt.

And get off this loli-bullshit. Hotaru is Eternal and thus has no age.

I'm the OP here and after much consideration, I would personally hoist meade with all of you. Hail.

But on a more serious, non Hotaru, non Valhalla related note. I would like to inspire you all to look more into yourselves and realize that in your own way you are all warriors.

A warrior does not need to wield a warhammer or brandish an M16, this helps, but a real warrior sees what he wants and goes about attaining it in an honorable, yet determined way.

If you see it, go for it. If you desire it, have it. It is not for you to judge or debate. Granted some people may not have the same Weltanshauung that I do. And while I think some people, read most, have gotten far too liberal and dependent on society; I think there is still hope.

If you want love and romance, you will get it. Just don't settle for less than you deserve and never take the first offer.

If you like something or believe in something, STICK TO IT. No matter what happens, if it something you want dearly, STICK TO IT. Never bend, never change and never acquiesce unless YOU really want to do so. There are too many fish in the sea to settle for minnows.

So the next time some spoiled Paris Hilton Democrat Princess tells you that you are uncool or tells you that you aren't hip.

You think about what your old pal the crazed Hotaru Maniac says and say "THOU ARE NOT A VALKYRIE!!! OOOODIIIIINNN!!!" and dump the bitch and go find a REAL woman that you deserve and want.

and if I can paraphrase HK, "In a world of compromise, some don't". Never compromise your beliefs and desires, they aren't for sale.

Whatever your ideal woman is, is the woman you should travel the ends of the Earth to seek at any cost, and be rewarded for your journey.

Your ideal woman may not be like mine,(Nihilistic, vengeful, intelligent, Valkyrian, Hotaru-esque), but I wholeheartedly support your efforts to find her.

It is time once again to discuss Hotaru's Law.

Hotaru's Law is the same as Odin's but the only difference is that it is HOTARU'S. Hotaru honors the chosen dead warriors who have honored her by spilling blood and killing on the damned battlefields. These chosen few, mostly of Nordic descent, shall enter the Gates of Valhalla. Hotaru is a Fascist and Hotaru will tolerate none of that faggot communism, Liberalism, or Democracy. To die with your boots on honors Hotaru. Everytime you life a mug of Mead to your lips you must show gratitude to Hotaru and Odin. Hotaru tolerates no cowards. To die is but gain, for a Warrior's Fate gains you Valhalla. Hotaru demands that the strong rule the weak and destroy the undermen. When the Northern winds blow, you can feel Hotaru's cold breath and hear her voice on the wind. She promises glory and victory.

Submit to Hotaru's Will.

Hotaru is Valkyrie to all chosen warriors.

Her Celtic Hair, her Nordic Eyes. The fiery spirit that consumes her.

She is become Death, destroyer of worlds. Ragnarok rests in her fingertips. Deny her, Blaspheme her, she will endure.

Hail the New Dawn

Hotaru demands Devotion to her Holy Fascist cause.

Throw off the shackles of Communism, Left Wing Lies, and Democracy. Angels from Hell watch over all of Hotaru's Chosen. The Mighty Screaming Horde of Valkyries.

For Hotaru I'll say it, Mein Ehre Heisst Treue.

Hotaru Ist Leben

I ask you....Are you really so happy with your goddamned Democracy or your fucking Communism?

Don't you ever yearn for more and better? Don't you ever want Fascism?

Hotaru promises good times ahead. Strength and cruelty in battle, Honor and Blood in peace.

Hotaru roams the Universe like it were crossing the street.

The streets will burn with the Holy Fire of Hotaru's Law. Oh Jackbooted Kaiserin...MY LIFE FOR YOU!!

Hotaru ist Leben.

Blood to you all.

I challenge all the bastards to read the book Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard.

It has the answers.


I might go to hell for preaching Hotaru's Will. But if I can look up from Hel and see young fresh faced children with pure snow driven skin, and Celtic and Nordic features enjoying a Fascist Paradise where they have wars to fight and lands to conquer and Jab every Left wing bastard in the ass on the way down. I can be happy.

Because one day, one fateful day, people will look back and they'll say that Hotaru was Right

Hotaru Ist Leben.

I don't give a fuck about your goddamned Communist lies. Either you get Hotaru or you don't.

You finally came back, To the borders of your fatherland, Now enemies came, Traitors everywhere at hand . . . Many people who had fought and died Knowing that they had to win; Yet still it sickens my heart To see the picture of the red flag in Berlin . .

Hey man, Hotaru is much more than just a pretty face or a loligoth. You poor deluded bastard.

You have no problem worshippping some fucking baltic states fucking communist or some fucking hippie. But the instant you find out someone's a Fascist with a damn PLAN your panties are in a tight wad. Do you value chaos so much?

Hail the New Dawn

You sad, sad, pitiful pawn of Democracy and Left Wing Lies.

Open your eyes and awaken! You do not have to be a puppet of Democracy or society. You don't have to be a mere sheep.

In a Fascist society, I would not be bored. It would be awesome. I would love every moment of it and I could die proud and happy. It's like everyday would have a purpose and a goal. But if I ever did get bored, I would not be useless. I would merely be inactive. Not everyone in a Fascist Utopia is a worker bee, there are those who get to enjoy their leisure and the fruits of their Fascist Paradise.

In a Fascist World, we would not bleat like you docile lambs. We would sing Viking Warsongs from our Guts and the fire within. We would cry out for magic and power. We would pay tribute to Valkyries and the Power within our Ancestor's hearts. It would be a mighty, thunderous row that would terrify the undermen from leagues afar.

Democracy is for the weak. Free Will is an illusion. Look BEYOND the left wing lies. See the cusp of eternity. The Coal haired Valkyrie with the pale, skin Weiss soll Schneit....

She hold's the Chalice of true liberation from the shackles of Democracy and Liberalism.

Hotaru's Despair

Another Dispatch from Babylon. Hotaru's forces grow weary. They all have bullets with their names on them. Between Hell and Valhalla they dwell. Hotaru's Fascist Paradise resides in their hearts. Hotaru has descended upon them and given them her powers and strength. Hail the New Dawn. Let's See Haruhi do shit like that.

Boy you don't know anything.

What Hotaru offers is a new tomorrow....a tomorrow without the Shackles of Democracy or Liberalism. No Communism. A future for the children. So you sit up there in your ivory tower coffeshop talking about tax increases and social programs. I'll be here, in the blood and sand with Hotaru's hand on my shoulder. I ask any out there. Who follows Hotaru and Odin?

You all think that Hotaru's battle is a subject of Ridicule?

She was there in 42 during Malmedy. She was there in that bunker on that fateful day of 1945. She was there to inspire the tale of Parsifal. She gave the crest of the stars from her breast to the Earth. On a clear winter sky, as the snow falls. The bitter cold is a reminder of the frosted heart that Hotaru bears. Remember...she fights against the evils of Liberalism and Democracy.

It is all fun and games you know. I am but a messenger of Hotaru's Law and Will.

I warn you wary of what you wish. The Liberals, Democrats, Communists and Socialists will promise you a paradise but deliver a prison.

Hotaru makes no promises. She forewarns of war, pain, agony, fear, despair, and ultimately Victory. She will ooffer a fascist paradise free of these shackles. There will be no Socialism, Communism, or Democracy in her New Dawn.\

Hail the New Dawn. Like the fools who laughed at Noah as he built the Ark. You laugh at Hotaru.

Sometimes I try to do things and it just doesn't work out the way I wanted to.

I get real frustrated and I try hard to do it and I take my time and it doesn't work out the way I wanted to. It's like I concentrate real hard and it doesn't work out Everything I do and everything I try never turns out It's like I need time to figure these things out But there's always someone there going

Hey Hotaru: You know we've been noticing you've been having a lot of problems lately. You know, maybe you should get away and maybe you should talk about it, maybe you'll feel a lot better

And I go: No it's okay, you know I'll figure it out, just leave me alone I'll figure it out. You know I'll just work by myself.

And they go: Well you know if you want to talk about it I'll be here you know and you'll probably feel a lot better if you talk about it.

And I go: No I don't want to I'm okay, I'll figure it out myself and they just keep bugging me and they just keep bugging me and it builds up inside and it builds up in

What Hotaru Knows

...Life is permanent Warfare. To flirt with peace or pacifism is to flirt with ruin.

...If the Reds don't get you, the rich man will.

...ZOG is not your friend. Remember that dateline episode? With the Rabbi? He seemed like a nice guy didn't he? Well if you were a kid he'd fuck you in your ass wouldn't he? Trust none of them.

...Anyone who claims to be left leaning, a Marxist, a Democrat, or any other Liberal is automatically a liar and a communist.

...Society and Democracy are for the weak.

...The Animals are here for a reason. God loves them. They can nourish us, entertain us, and be excellent companions. Respect them.

...You will live longer on Rice than Chocolate. The Moral? You can miserable forever, but happy only in brief intervals. Know this.

...God is too old and too rich for YOUR bullshit. Square your ass away. He KNOWS what you do in the bathroom. I'm just as guilty, but I ADMIT IT.

...Hotaru ist Leben.

Hotaru is the White Rider

Hotaru has such a debilitating Anger in her heart.

She knows the truth, but none shall listen. That is fine. It is the right of Man to be foolish.

She withdraws.....Hikikomori...

But I looked into her eyes, and what did I see Misery and Despair, looking back at me.

Hers was once a face, full of hope. Now she's down on her knees unable to cope.

Another day in another Wasted Life

But Hotaru truly IS Leben.

She is, was, and shall be.

Be it while watching reruns of Tales from the Darkside or be it while on the shitter squeezing out a hard loaf.

I've been accused of taking the whole Hotaru worship thing a bit too far at times.

But don't you see? HOTARU man. It was ALWAYS about Hotaru.

ALWAYS man. ALWAYS!! It's like Hotaru...was THERE and she BECAME.

No I don't know what you are saying.

The Aryans came from Atlantis. But Hotaru is not merely an Aryan.

She is NORDIC. With her gaunt features, her Black as Coal, and her Violet Eyes. A rare breed.

And Welfare cripples us all. Shared misery. No freedom. You lay about while I struggle and we are all forced to be on the same level.

Under Holy Fascism you have to earn your pay. One way or another you earn your pay.

And Hotaru is a fascist as was illustrated in both the Holy Coda known as the Sailor Moon comic book and the TV Show. Because Hotaru DID portend the Holy Fascism. As she stands defiantly against liberalism, democracy, and ZOG. Because Remember...remember that Time? When there wre enemies all about? She pulled herself together and DESTROYED THE WORLD man.


And to answer YOUR question.

Here is Hotaru standing next to a Japanese Girl.

Notice Hotaru's larger round eyes, VIOLET eyes(a color commonly found in Aryans, Celts, Norsemen when found at all) Her more Angular Face and her nose.

Nothing against Asians, but according to my Research. Hotaru was never meant to be Japanese.

It's another Communist Lie. You see Naoko Takeuchi the creators of the Comix is a known Fascist and Hard Right Ideologue. The goddamned Communist media made her tone down her comix especially after that long lost Sailor V comic "Nazi Supermen are Our Superiors NO QUESTIONS ASKED". So she had to Create Hotaru as a vessel for her Fascist Message. Think about it. QUEEN Serenity. A QUEEN. An Elite Oligarchy ruling in place of the GOD DAMNED Democracy. Think about this too...all of her foes are Communists. But she's not competent enough THE FLAW OF MONARCHY. Enter the MESSIAH, Hotaru. Who, clad in black with nihilism on her mind, REPRESENTS HOLY FASCISM COME TO SAVE THEM ALL!



But you didn't do anything.

That is the way of ZOG and Communism. To make people THINK they did something when they did NOTHING AT ALL.

That's why you have high taxes, Socialism, and all of this "feel-good" bullshit.

Because none of you cake eaters understand what it means to come from the ground.

None of you know the Riddle of Steel.

Because Odin looks down and expects an answer.

Your boss might be some Communist or Joo.

My boss is a Nordic Valkyrie. A valkyrie named Hotaru.

Last night I dreamt of Hotaru...

She haunted me like a ghost. Her Violet eyes were filled with a cold anger and a harsh rage. Her breath was cold and frosty, like the Alps. Her hair was so black, it looked darker than coal. Her pale skin emitted an eerie glow.

She was clad in her civilian clothes and brandished a Mauser and pointed East.

WTF over?


I offer Hotaru Tomoe. Sure, she used to have a tenuous allegiance with the rest of the Sailor Soldiers, but she's long since worked alone.

She's had a few team ups with The Punisher, Nick Fury, and Captain America. Many superheroes don't like her because of her extreme tactics and propensity for violence. Though mild mannered in civilian life....Hotaru becomes quite willful in her Sailor uniform.

Unlike other Superheroes, Hotaru doesn't shy away from using firearms, explosives, or even running her foes down with a semi big rig truck.

Be they two bit muggers or even the Kingpin, Hotaru takes no prisoners.


They are just tools.

Hotaru is the weapon. Hotaru uses her wits, and willingness. The mind is the best weapon. Hotaru isn't very strong, she's quite small and lithe. Waifish. Hotaru uses her abilities, knowledge, and skill. Tenacity and determination.

She also doesn't fight fair. She believes in honor off the battlefield, not on it. She'll shoot you in the back, set you on fire, cut you down with automatic weapons fire, and even use chemical agents.

...but she'd rush into a burning building without a second thought to save a child. She'd also try to stop some two bit hood from stealing an elderly lady's purse.

She's like Charles Bronson.

Hotaru's grasp on sanity is firm, though she has had traumatic experiences and issues. At times dysthymic, other times despondent.

Her war is what gives her purpose. As in the writings of Nietsczhe, one should not fight monsters lest they become monsters themselves. Hotaru's got a little of that rubbed on her. Increasingly more violent and fiercely independent, she also relies on her rigid moral code to see her through.

I's not as if making a hobby out of killing drug dealers, child molesters, terrorists, and mobsters is a bad thing is it?

Same with demons, aliens, and other foul creatures....

Hotaru: An Honorable Monster?

Hotaru can destroy the world with a single act.

A burden she wears on her soul. She receives no praise, she receives for scorn.

Unpopular, dejected, outcasted, and feared. Unlike Superman, no one sings her praises. She's the A-bomb personified. Good to have on your side, but no one wants to seriously employ it. Misunderstood.....because nobody wants to.

No kindred commiseration. An embodiment of the nuclear doomsday age come back to haunt us all. No vanity in her words, nothing but self deprecation. She girds herself in black not as a Gothic fashion statement, but as a reflection of her nihilism, right wing ethic, and ultimately isolation.

No lies, no lust, no pride, simply nothing. A meek misunderstood creature. Not even enough selfishness to desire for herself. Self denial and self flagellation. An anti-hero.

Whereas others succumb to vanity....

Hotaru doesn't drink, she doesn't lie, and she doesn't lust. She would die before she sold her body.

A blend of Right Wing ideology, Nietszchean philosophy, and ultimately a desire for a happy ending in the midst of grim times.

A smile behind tears, a hope for a better tomorrow during a horrible today.

Even the sun may shine during the rain.

....that's way more interesting than high school romance, magical schools, comedies of errors or misunderstandings.

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