How to Get an Abortion

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The first thing you must know about abortions is that there are many methods, each with varying degrees of success and pain.

See? Completely pain free!

Abortion Methods[edit]

  1. The Falcon Punch.
  2. The "Coat hangar method." (In short: cram that fucker in there.)
  3. Fall down some stairs.
  4. Speak Ebonics with a black fellow.

The Steps[edit]

Who wouldn't want to end this life?
  1. Decide that you value convenience over human life.

If you decide this...[edit]

  1. Find underground abortion clinic.
  2. Allow creepy, drug-addicted guy to murder your baby. The crime scene shall be your womb, you heartless bitch.

If you do not...[edit]

  1. Go to church, you bible-thumping hick.

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