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To be discussed at the conference:


Are we going in the right direction?

Originally, Cherimoya's goals were to make a LiveCD for Anonymous, able to defend them from attack with preconfigured security, and to provide them with offensive tools tying in with that security. Now, it's more of a base distro, which preconfigures the hard stuff first, but primarily tries to teach new anons the skills needed to succeed. Therefore, more emphasis should be made on a guide outlining "how to <strikethrough>hack</strikethrough> use tactics needed to succeed as an anon", and then build the distro to provide the tools needed to use the tactics described in such a guide.

What features need to be implemented?

Website and server

We need our own website and server to host our own package repositories, and provide a single place to work and learn about Cherimoya. It would probably be in a similar design to the Chakra and Arch Linux websites, probably using the same code.

What should be on the site:

Team Members

We will need to decide on an actual team organization. Here are some posts:

Note: Most of the time a Cherimoya developer will have to work on two or more posts, depending on what they are making, so don't get locked into one job.

Package Maintainer

These people will compile Cherimoya's packages and keep them updated in comparision to the corresponding AUR/CCR version. This is very important, since people will depend on these packages being up-to-date after installation.

More info about this job is at Maintaining Packages.

LiveCD Maintainers

These people will build the liveCD, rebuild when major updates are released, and try to keep it free of bugs dealing with the liveCD. These people need to work well with the package maintainers, or preferably be package maintainers themselves.

The tool used to make Cherimoya liveCDs is Chakra-Live, so check that out if you're interested in this position.

Wiki Maintainers/Translators

These people will keep the wiki up-to-date with the software, new features, and specifications. They will also keep it free of vandalism and attacks.

The translators will, well, translate the wiki. Also, such translations need to be kept up-to-date with the original.


This is the easiest post. Bugtesters will use the system, and then report bugs. Not much more simple than that.

Of course, there needs to be a more organized way to report bugs, like with a bugtracker.

Possible forks of Cherimoya

Cherimoya's current goal is a base distro for Anonymous. We may need to create forks of it to target different goals and audiences.

Amnesic Cherimoya

A fully PELD-compliant system, vying to give a system that does not leave any trace, just like TAILS. Since it would not use the swap partition, using Openbox as the window manager for KDE will be a must. The main feature of this compared to TAILS or Librete would be an integration with offensive capabilities.


In a world that focuses more on the web, why don't we just use web technologies for the entire OS? This system will be similar to Chrome OS, in that it will feature applications written entirely in web-technology. It's an interesting idea, throwing out the entire desktop in to put the focus on the browser itself.


pro3phec: I can contribute documentation and shit, I will write one explaining how to make a custom torrc file and what all of the options mean. What do you need explained?

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