Kopipe:I'd Hit It

I'd hit it.

...if she wasn't a whore. Meaning, in an alternate life in which she wasn't a pin-up model and I wasn't an otaku that probably will never leave the 'states. Of course, in that alternate life, she would have to look the same... or at least, you know, close. Meaning I would still have to attracted to her. If she was ugly in that alternate dimension it would still be a no go. But then again, what if in that alternate dimension she was younger or older? I suppose that would be troublesome as well. Or perhaps a man that changed himself to a woman?

And what about personality? What if in either this or one of those alternate dimensions she was actually really mean, bi-polar, or had some other personality defect? that wouldn't be too good.

And there's no telling how old that picture is. She could have gotten fat, had a child, or had gotten into an accident since then.

...I think I just lost my boner.

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