Lunch with Shana-chan

Step 1: Well, I think she prefers Melon Pan.
Step 2: ???
Step 3a: So tsundere!
Step 3b: So moe!

4 Days of Melonpan!

Shana Requested we eat melonpan together, so I went out to buy some.

She was amazed at all the varieties.

Day 1: We started off with the "Melon Sweet Roll," located in the top right of the first picture. It tasted like normal sweet bread. Nonetheless, Shana seemed to enjoy it.

Day 2: On day 2 we tried the one named メロンパン, located in the top left corner in the first picture. This one was more bread-like, and didn't have the traditional melonpan shape. Shana didn't seem to like it that much, but I thought it tasted great with butter.

Day 3: The next day we tried Deka-Melonpan, located in the bottom right corner in the first picture. This one tasted the same as "Melon Sweet Roll" from day one, so we both thought "Melon Sweet Roll" was probably a rebranding of this.

Day 4: Finally, we ate the one left over, located at the bottom left of the first picture. This was our all-around favorite, having both a カリカリモフモフ exterior and a delicious super-melon tasting interior. It's a good thing we saved this one for last! archive