Mr. Munday

Mr. Munday you are not alone! ;_;

Mr.Munday is our friend!

As one of the cities hosting FIFA 2002 World Cup Korea/Japan(TM), the city of Osaka, Japan built two free accomodation facilities for foreign tourists. However, due to the lack of public promotion, no tourists came to stay at these facilities on their opening night (June 11th).

After the exciting match between Nigeria and England, held in Osaka on June 12th, a 47-year-old Englishman, Michael Munday, finally arrived at one of the facilities, but the England fan turned out to be the only person who stayed there that night. As soon as the news was delivered on-line with a photo showing Mr. Munday sitting outside and watching a match on TV, it attracted people at "2-channel," Japan's largest on-line discussion board, and they discussed how to cheer up this lonesome guest who had come all the long way to their country and decided to launch this website. Some of the "2-channellers" visited Mr. Munday's facility in several groups as part of the plan to encourage him; however he had left the place soon after the first group's encounter.

We, 2-channellers, hereby dedicate the following photos and flash movies to Mr. Munday, with our best wishes that he will enjoy his expedition to Japan and England's inevitable victory. archive