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This page is created to aid and organize the writing of the story scene by scene. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in. Please pop in often and spend a few minutes of your time putting together pieces of the story! Every little bit helps! Let's work hard on this!



We need lots of work done. First we need to finish creating the character's identities and names. Then we need to develop both paths (especially the LOVE PATH). Next we need to add/complete the scene list. Next will be writing the actual scenes. Feel free to add to any of these whenever you would please. There is a lot to do so please invest some free time into this!

Basic Storyline

We are following the basic story guidelines of
Two main paths:
LOVE PATH: This path allows you to date/fall in love with one of two female love interests. One character is a blonde tsundere and the other is a blue haired shy girl. Also in this path you will have the option of falling in love with your sister. You are a helpless loser who doesn't know how to socialize at the beginning but after a meteor strike outside your house you are suddenly inspired to put in effort to changing your ways. New student day is coming up and you are excited to utilize this as your chance to create a new image of yourself. Both love interests are new students. There can be multiple possible endings for each path but it is highly recommended we limit it to two possible endings for each character and having the sister route be a side path. We need more detail as to what exactly is going on during these paths since we have no real idea.

KIKKO PATH A meteor strike that occurs early on in the game in (so for both paths) ends up enabling you to turn into Kikkoman however you do not know this. Daddycool becomes the principal of the school in both paths but in this one he is an evil mastermind using a loner new kid in your class for experiments (turning him into Sosuman later). You do not realize he is evil until later. You first confront the new kid who kidnaps a love interest that is predetermined to be the one of the Kikkoman path. You unleash latent kikkopowers in the conflict: You defeat him and whether or not you choose to kill him changes what happens next. Either he comes back to school the next day after having been killed and his revival (due to Daddycool's further experimentation) has unleashed tanasinn. Tanasinn end if this happens. If you let him live you both team up and go to the school uncovering Daddycool's secret plans. Daddycool is confronted and Sosuman is destroyed (and replaced by a new ULTRA Sosuman, loner kid is revealed to be a test subject). Daddycool almost kills you but you are saved by KIKKOWOMAN who happens to be your love interest (sex with her caused her to gain kikkopowers as well). Daddycool escapes to be fought another day. Different possible endings are yet to be determined.


Main Character (VIPPER) - The main character. His personality yet to be determined. Should act in a very VIP Quality way. Goes from somewhat fatalist loser to determined awesome guy fairly quickly.
Older Sister (Name?) - A confident and attractive older sister. Your parents are dead so she takes up a mother role in the house. It is later revealed that you are not related by blood so of course it is okay for you to fuck. She also occasionally gets drunk. Think Misato.
Shy Rei-type Love Interest (Teh Rei) - Shy otaku nerdy girl who looks kind of like Rei. You have to open her up over time but she isn't so radically shy and nerdy that it is annoying either. More normal of the two possible love interests. A sample date might be playing shmups.
Tsundere Love Interest (Sagecchin?) - A possible love interest. Blonde hair in drill style or ponytail or twin tails. Hot tempered but has a job at a maid cafe where she gets embarrassed if you see her.
VIPPER's Nerdy Friend (Name?) - This is your traditional nerdy highschool friend. He is an otaku and is too shy to develop a love interest.
Loner character (Name?) - This new student character is a loner. You either become friends with him or become enemies with him (by being sort of a jerk to him and stealing his love interest). This makes him mad and he seeks revenge on you. Daddycool takes advantage of this and uses him as a test subject for Sosuman. Assuming you go on the kikkoman path you will have to confront him when he kidnaps your love interest.
Daddycool (Dr.Cool?) - Daddycool is a multitrillionaire who becomes your principal. No one is aware of this. In the love interest path he is just a nice principal but in the kikkoman path he is an evil mastermind planning to utilize the meteor strike's strange properties to experiment. You confront him in the end but he escapes. Daddycool is course doing this all in order to make some VIPCOINS ;)


Here is a basic summary of each scene and following it should be the script of the scene. Please feel free to add/tweak. Be sure to include location and what path this will be along.

Scene 1

Location: Bedroom+Kitchen
VIPPER wakes up in his room to his sister. Need an introduction of both the VIPPER/his personality and the sister/their living situation. He eats breakfast and then goes off to school.
Sister: Hey wake up sleepyhead! It's your first day of school and you're already sleeping in?
VIPPER: Ughhh...
Is it really a new school year already? The summer passed by in a flash. I never even finished mastering Mushihimesama Futari. What a shame.
Sister: Hey come on, don't just lay there you have to get up or you're going to be late.
VIPPER: Alright, alright. I'm getting up, I'm getting up. Look my eyes are open okay?
Sister: Don't get mad at me, I'm not the one making you go to school! I'm just trying to look after you, you know!
I sometimes forget that it used to be different... Ever since mom and dad died she's had to take on all of the responsibility. I'm such a waste. I wish I could just spend the rest of my life alone in this room rotting away.
Sister: Hurry up and get dressed. I made your favorite breakfast, sunny side up eggs and soy sauce.
VIPPER: Okay, okay.
If only eggs and soy sauce could solve all my problems.
There's nothing worse than waking up to school. Another day of boredom and isolation.

Scene 2

Location: Classroom
This is VIPPER's first day of school after a long break. Introduces VIPPER to environment, talks to and meets highschool friend. Introduces VIPPER's attitude towards school and his friend.

Scene 3

Location: Bedroom Nighttime
VIPPER has a sense of hopelessness. Browses net, contemplates life etc. Sudden meteor explosion in field behind VIPPER's house. No explanation. Feels different after meteor explodes. Determined to change his life.

Scene: PC screen. Sound BG: Slight buzz. BGM: dimmed music.

VIPPER: I don't know why did I bother so much into looking forward to this day. School is completely different from what I thought. I'm always the same me... I have been reading all those manuals for self-help but if I'm too shy to turn them in practice I will never go anywhere... Now I can only console myself by looking at Internet... even if I know I'll get stuck back into the same cycle as before at least I won't think of anything... I wonder if I must help my sister fix up something for dinner... maybe when I'm done with th-

Sound FX: explosion. Video FX: trembling. BGM: anxious music.

VIPPER: What was that..? Was it an explosion..? There must have been a large explosion somewhere near... I hope that our neighborhood is ok... I must check on Sister!

Scene: kitchen / any in-house place. BGM: still anxious music.

VIPPER: Sister!
Sister: Oh... did you hear that explosion?
VIPPER: Yes, I was running down the stairs to check on you!
Sister: Really? I couldn't hear your steps... at all. Maybe it's because the sound of that explosion was deafening...
VIPPER: Don't bother about it!
Sister: What shall we do?
It's the first time I see Sister as an helpless young woman... I've been always the weak one to protect, but right now I feel like I have to comfort her... and somehow I have the impression that I can do it...
VIPPER: First things first, we mustn't panic. There's been an explosion near us... there may be another any second... but there's not much we can do. Let's open the TV and see the news... it's almost night-time and we can't see much from here!
Is it really me, talking with this calm and collected tone? And my heart is not even beating faster... What's going on?
Sister: Yes... we can't run away from home... we could be directly exposed to anything. Check out the Internet... maybe the information has spread faster there...
Looks like my words have sparked some confidence in herself.

Scene: PC screen. Sound BG: Slight buzz. BGM: dimmed anxious music.

The Internet doesn't work... maybe the cable station has been hit by the explosion.

Scene: kitchen / any in-house place. BGM: still anxious music.

Sister: The TV does not work, too. What do we do?
VIPPER: The telephone is out of question... the only thing we can do is go out and see for ourselves.
Sister: But it's dangerous! You said it before!
VIPPER: I know...
But... there's this strange feeling...
VIPPER: Maybe I can find some of our neighbours and ask what happened... they might know...
Sister: But... I don't want you to be involved in something like this..
. VIPPER: ...
I can sense it... I have to go, no matter what...

Scene: Street. BGM: anxious music.

VIPPER: I'll be back in 20 minutes... I swear.
Sister: Don't...
She has a worried look on her face... when was the last time I've seen her so fragile...
VIPPER: Don't worry! I'll be fine, ok?

Neighbours: There has been an explosion in the construction field!
Neighbours: Maybe a boryoukudan affair!
Neighbours: Let's call the police!
There's a bright light in the direction of the field... I must get near to that light... I feel like it's somehow the only logical thing to do.

Neighbours: Hey kid, what are you doing?
Neighbours: It's dangerous to go there! We don't even know what happened exactly!

Scene 4

Location: Bedroom Morning
VIPPER wakes up to Oneesama again. New fervor for this new school day thanks to the previous night. Goes to school.

Scene 5

Location: Classroom
Friend tells VIPPER about transfer student day. Sees the transfer student day as a way to meet new people and change his loner ways. The general point is to show he has new confidence, attitude and is happier. He brings these things up to his friend.

Scene 6

Location: Bedroom Nighttime+Morning
Excitement for new student day. Tells sister about it. Sister is supportive. He possibly posts excitedly on his board about it. This scene should include waking up which is largely unimportant.

Scene 7

Location: School
Transfer/new student day. Introduction of female students and loner kid. You briefly talk to both girls. You choose where you want to eat lunch and that decides which girl you get to talk to more in depth.

Scene 8

Location: Bedroom Nighttime
Excited about talking to girl, new life etc. Post on internet about excitement possibly. Talk to sister, option to get closer to sister.

Scene 9

Location: Classroom
Meet loner kid, get to possibly make or break a relationship with him - think kikkoman path. Encounter with both girls. Talk to friend. Friend + one of girls has lunch with you depending on your choice.

We need more scenes! Feel free to add them here! archive