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SAoVQ video game is a collective project by VIPPERS.

Original thread could be found on SAoVQ: here

This page only list ideas that were given in this thread. The bulk of the discussion should happen in SAoVQ rather than on the wiki, until we get the wiki workflow worked out.

Technical characteristics[edit]

Screenshot from dem provided by Programming OP.
  • The technical platform is Sega CD software.
  • The programming will be handled by a single VIPPER, that will be called "Programming OP" from now on.
  • The game type chosen is Visual Novel, due to the "trifle" programming effort.

Plot suggestions[edit]


  • An average VIPPER owes DADDY COOL a lot of money and gets exiled from SAoVQ, and as a result has to explore Internet, doing VIP QUALITY deeds to get enough VIP coins to get back, only to find out the site has been taken over by some evil force which he has to defeat.
  • The main character is a VIPPER. He goes about his daily life, browses SAoVQ, plays video games, etc. Except slowly he begins to meet people (presumably girls) who are FROM SAoVQ. So one of them could be like Ms. Cool is his new teacher or something (and she is a possible love interest). Then he meets Maiddog who is a dog girl etc. The list would go on.
  • The journey of a man who travels to Japan to become the ultimate VIPPER.


Main article: SAoVQ_game/Kikkoman plot
  • The Kikkoman plot was a great idea. You already have a character with some dramatic background (excuse me for bringing up your past, Kikkoman), motivation, friends, enemies... Though I do believe it would be a mistake to base this around some static setting such as a soy sauce factory. Perhaps start the game off at some point in teenage Kikkoman's life, fighting your way to perfection and revenge?
  • Kikkoman is a teenager and a student, his father is the last known user of the kikkou technique. He passes it on. Kikkoman's love interests are all some sort of girl version of a SAoVQ character and we build the story with this premise. This was we are avoiding direct inside jokes but we have the entire story built on references. If you don't get the references you will still enjoy the game but the cool advisor Dr. Vipsaurus isn't fully appreciated by you.
  • Going on the Kikkoman thing, here's a very basic outline of the sort of clichéd stuff that would work:
    • Have a few short school days. Lectures, hanging out at school or in town, back home with father.
    • Have one or more romantic interests you can choose to go after and a rival.
    • Drop some hints that one of the friendly characters hides something.
    • TRAGEDY. The father gets killed (and gives the secret kikkou technique in is dying moments) or the girl is kidnapped or the school/town is destroyed or all of the above. The friend hiding something and the rival were behind this, and the masked final boss is revealed.
    • Go after after the enemy lieutenants one by one. Meet the rival a few times. The fight is always interrupted for some reason.
    • Get into a terrible predicament. The rival was actually always on your side.
    • Shocking revelation about the identity of the big boss. Depending on your actions you may or may not be able to fight. The rival may take a hit for you and die.
    • Redemption ending / path of the kikkou ending / protector of the universe ending / romantic ending
  • The rival should be Sosuman.
  • Kikkoman's wife should be whatever romantic interest the player chooses. So it's like you're deciding who Kikkoman's wife is.
  • Teacher (or principal) should be DADDY COOL.

Unsorted VN plots[edit]

Note: Most of these plots have already been discounted as unsatisfactory.
  • Guy goes to school, harem, some sort of drama
Medieval war story with warrior/princess women, think UnderwaterRayRomano
Medieval RPG-type story
Strange convoluted magic-related story (ala Fate/Stay Night)
A bunch of maids serve you or you're a servant

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