Source Code

One of the most important things a program could ever be is open-source. When something is distributed as open-source (as opposed to unreadable binaries), it means that you can see what's in it, edit it, and even make your own version.

So Cherimoya embraces this idea, and makes all of it's liveCD scripts, profiles, and packages available for anyone to gawk at and screw with.

You can also fork our code and join the effort at our Gitorious source code repository here.


LiveCD scripts/profiles


To build a liveCD, the Chakra-Live buildsystem from the Chakra Project is used. The source code is located here:


Profiles contain all the settings and files in our liveCDs, along with a list of packages to install. They built using Chakra-Live.


Cherimoya is based on Chakra, so it uses Chakra's binary packages during building. You can review the source code (in buildable PKGBUILDs) here:

Cherimoya maintains it's own binary package repository for some critical programs. The source code (in buildable PKGBUILDs) for those packages are located here:

Misc. archive