T H I C C Von


T H I C C Von refers to the character Von Kaiser from Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Punch Out for Wii. He becomes T H I C C Von once the player initiates Phase "Dignity Loss". To do this enter the secret passcode in Punch Out:

999 999 9999

Upon entering the code, you fight against T H I C C Von. T H I C C Von has a very strange move set in comparison to regular Von Kaiser.

Move Set

Panic Bomb - If T H I C C Von's health is less than 25%, he will skyrocket and all his abilities are buffed by 100%, and deals 1 hit KO's on his K.O. Comeback.

Expand Dong - T H I C C Von calls upon the soul of Dankey Kang, and thrusts his magnum dong at you.

Obama Slamma - T H I C C Von becomes black and summons the power of Obama to do an attack that will damage the player, and usually 1 hit K.O.'s the player

Banana Slamma - To counter this move, knock T H I C C Von's banana before he eats it. If you fail to hit it out, he will Knock you down in three separate spaces of time and you will not be able to get up. Then he will say bannnannna slammma until you reset the game.

Massgainer - Bulkan Up (gotta get those gains)

Dr. Mario's Pills - T H I C C Von yells "Pills here!" and swallows pills, healing back all of his health. This happens every 0.25 seconds, which is very hard to counter


During World War I, he received the silver star, purple heart, and golden sun. He had over 20,000 confirmed kills, and helped in 300 guerrilla operations. By the time World War I finished, he was offered the chance at a promotion to Lieutenant Corporal. He refused, however, as he predicted another war. He and Adolf Hitler worked together in creating the 3rd Reich. He helped on many of the operations. Right before Hitler committed suicide, Hitler gave T H I C C Von his brain, which he then enhanced to become the T H I C C Von of today.

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