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Sageru.org / 6-ch

Address: sageru.org
Type: Text board
Boards: Single board
Status: Not dead yet
Founded: September 2006
Founder: meltingwax
Software: Kareha

Chanish website infobox template[edit]

Usage (Gives the example on the right):

|name=Sageru.org / 6-ch
|type=Text Board
|boards=Single board
|status=Not dead yet
|founded=September 2006
|founder=[http://meltingwax.net meltingwax]

Please note[edit]

  • Fields are mandatory. If you don't know a thing, put "Unknown".
  • The address might be too long and stretch the page. What is to be done about that will be figured out if it happens.
    • Use "longurl=1" to put the url on a seperate line. If it is still too long we will figure something out still.
  • The template automatically puts your pages into the Board-Category. No need to do it by hand. You might want to put it in the "Textboard", or "Imageboard" category yourself, though.
  • Url: Do not put a http:// in the url. Do not use a / at the end of the url.
  • Type: "Text board", "Image board", "Wiki", "Hybrid". If it doesn't match any of those, get creative. Also see the point about categories.
  • Theme: The general theme, or just "None"
  • Boards: If you feel there's too many to list, just put "Many". Possibly link that to a section in the article with the boards, like so: [[#Boards|Many]]. Preferably link them.
  • Status: "Dead" / "Alive", or if those don't fit get creative.
  • Founder: Preferably include a link to founder homepage, or other way of contacting.
  • Software: Is auto-linked. Most of those will have to be created. The tanasinn.info board software expert committee endorses the use of [[Kusaba|Shit]].