Under the moon loli to issho


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Under the moon loli to issho (月の下でロリといっしょー!?) is a phrase from My life is ruined by DQN-kun.

In Japanese, the phrase "loli to issho" can be translated to "together with the loli". The next line of the lyrics is "bumsex bumsex bumsex bumsex". It is speculated that the latter implied what activity DQN-kun wished to do with the loli.

Unfortunately the line has no meter whatsoever but DQN-kun likes to imagine it does, so he used it prolifically in the Really Long Song, written later.

Variations include "under the moon shota to issho" and "under the loli moon to issho", as seen in Really Long Song.

There are also two songs based on the phrase, both aptly named "Under the moon loli to issho". You can view information on the first here. The second can be viewed here, but we'd like to forget it exists.


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