Select accessories. Pearl, sapphire, emerald, diamond or artificial jewelry is a good choice.

Clutch bag: a delicate question, whether it is a soft leather, velvet or leather fabric.

Select shoes. Bold decor to complement your evening dress, a pair of shiny high heels or evening wearing high heels.

If you want to wear open-toed sandals, you need to have a pedicure, to ensure your feet look beautiful.

If you are petite, choose middle or cheap evening dress, decorated very good shape. Avoid fluffy skirt and exaggerated shoulders or sleeves details. Low back design is sure to make you look taller and slimmer.

Tall women can wear any clothing style perfect natural height advantage. Why do not you try the mermaid dress style, the most boring, but few people dare to wear? You will be in the party keep them coming back.

A girl looks lace v neck wedding dress with thin lace bottom edge. Try to avoid the complexity of the design, waist, neck and bottom edges. archive