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Three Categories of Black Galaxy Granite

Indian exporters of Black Galaxy Granite manufacture quality products and offer competitive rates.

Black Galaxy granite has black surface having shining star sparkles spread over it. The granite comes in three varieties.

• Polished • Medium • Rough

These three varieties are developed by the manufacturers of granite in India. Here the details provided to explain the differences between the threes.


Every granite product passes through the five main finishes. These are:

1. Polished 2. Honed 3. Leathered 4. Sandblasted 5. Flamed and Brushed

Polished finish is the major category liked and used mostly for interior and exterior decoration. The polished finish also has two categories; polishing above 80% and polishing below 80%. The mirror finished often seen on the granite has polished finish above 80%. This finish develops a mirror image, which looks awesome and appealing.


Medium is the category for the customers that require granite slabs or tiles for applying in the exterior or on the staircases. The polished finish always offers the risk of slip that may lead to injuries and hospitalization. Thus, medium quality granite products are provided that has less a bit of less shine as well as offer a perfect anti-slip solution.


The rough is the category that can be developed using sandblasted, leathered, and brushed finishes. It is often applied to the places that have water bodies attached to it. The most suitable example is swimming pools.

India being the prime exporter and supplier of granite products in the stone industry; it is advised to the international customers that prefer exporting granite from India. Indian exporters not only manufacture quality granite products, but also offer competitive prices. archive