Testing testing lol

俺はツリップファッグですよ。[citation needed]

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This user is suspicious.
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This user is affiliated with the Elitist Superstructure. He does not care that the word "affiliation" carries a connotation that some find unpleasant.

filler box

this box is here so that the fourth box will actually be the fourth box, rather than being the third box, which would suck, because then it would be lying and lying is not nice and did you know that lying will send you to hellz0r and they say that hell is a pretty fuckin hot place and i dont mean in the good, boner inducing way like haruhi for instance

4th box

This article already contains three notification boxes, not including this one.

This fourth box notifies you of their presence.

5th box

This article contains a fourth notification box that notifies you of three other notification boxes present in this article.
This fifth box notifies you of its presence.

6th box

This article contains a fifth notification box that notifies you of four other notification boxes in this article. This sixth box notifies you of its presence.

This article also contains the same number of worthless notification boxes as valuable ones.

God knows

This article has had the same picture of Haruhi appear 3 times, excluding its appearance in this box.

You must now masturbate. archive