I am Wik

Pronounce it either Week or Wick.

also I use the handle fitting! Some people don't realize this I think.

[20:42] <&Wik> sup brahs
[20:42] <&Wik> i hate Church
[20:42] <&Wik> i'm never going back
[20:43] <&CorrosiveSteaks> Why?
[20:43] <&CorrosiveSteaks> You turned atheist?  :p
[20:43] <&Wik> i've always been athiest
[20:43] <&Wik> but the lured me in with steak tonight
[20:43] <&Wik> they'd be like come and eat free steak
[20:44] <&Airyairy> lol
[20:44] <&Wik> and I WAS LIKE HELL YEAH
[20:44] <&Wik> but then they were like stay for sermon
[20:44] <&Wik> and i was like hell no !
[20:44] <&Wik> and they were all had stupid humor

Wik likes terrorism. archive