how many calories should I eat When you read about weight loss the mind can't help itself but to think about losing calories in order to shed weight/fat. But did you understand that losing a lot of calories too quickly can in fact cause you to gain weight? Like a lots of it?

Our body has this natural defense/survival mechanism that reacts when something your body needs suddenly "disappears", that's why the thing is people surviving 4-5 days without food within the middle of an jungle or something. When you lose way too many calories or in the big event you lose them to fast, the body's natural survival mechanism kicks in and starts to replace the missing calories by consuming other proteins and muscle tissue, thus why the thing is that individuals who embark on diets getting fatter as opposed to slimmer. Because you might be not consuming a lot of your body's fat, you lose weight nevertheless, you lose it because parts of your muscles get "smaller".

Then whenever you will begin eating again, because in the calorie deficit inside your body you may put on weight 3x as faster then you'll regularly do. I hope all of this makes sense to you, because its time as well as to just forget about pill popping weight loss programs and commence losing or preserving your weight in a natural and healthy way.

A pound of fat is 3.500 calories, therefore you wish to lose 1 pound of fat you have to lose 3.500 but you've to accomplish it in the controlled and healthy way, without rushing things and without eating hamburgers all day long long or stakes whenever you venture out to eat.

If you wish to maintain your weight make absolutely certain you do not go overboard with calories, if you wish to slim down make sure you lose them inside a healthy way to ensure that you don't put your body trough a large amount of stress. archive