The 3rd VIPTRONIC album will be released on 2011-01-01, so long as enough people care to continue participating.


  1. The music must be made especially for the album. That's the only real requirement. VIP Quality themes are welcome (but not required or preferred to other things) and every style is welcome.
  2. We don't have high quality standards, but I may choose not include some tracks in the few cases where I feel most VIPPERs would agree not to include it, so that the results are fun to listen to. (In other words: if you are a beginner, you'll get included if we can hear that you took the time to do your best, and it's better to keep it short).
  3. The best way to send your files is to send them to his GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS' account, Files up to 50MB can be sent. The privacy of your e-mail address is guaranteed. If you choose not to publish your file anywhere else, it will be kept secret until the release, but you can choose to publish it yourself before the album release if you want.
  4. Your contribution must be sent either in the MP3 format (preferably high quality), or a lossless format (WAV, AIFF, FLAC). OGG files won't be included. If you want to post OGG files in SAoVP (where MP3 can't be posted), please send a lossless or MP3 by e-mail.
  5. GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS can provide a basic clean-up of your track (normalization, denoising, dynamic range compression if required) if you send your track in a lossless format.
  6. This is a community project done for fun. Let's keep this drama-free, but if you'd rather we did things differently, please say so.


About the other VIPPER-made album

Two SAoVQers, BENOIST and Dj Zovi, are leading a separate music project. They are supported by some VIPTRONIC contributors, including GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS, but mostly by a lot of talented people who don't visit SAoVQ. Neither project is gonna kill the other. And VIPTRONIC is not going to become the "low quality standards" alternative to their project, because it has a pretty different focus than VIPTRONIC. And their project is done in private, but it's the way 99% of all music releases are generally made. At the time of writing, they are not turning down new contributors either, you can e-mail zovi [at] to learn more. archive