Info page for ideas that were thrown around in IRC, about VIPtronic 4.




<&acostoss> For VIPtronic 4, we need to make things flow
<&Trev> It's all more commercial and polished. We should make the next one not only flow
<&acostoss> From chip to break to noise
<&Trev> but we need to BRING THE HEAT
<&acostoss> Basically, calming VIP to chaotic tanasinn
<&Trev> and back down
<&acostoss> Yes
<&Trev> I think with some pre-organization and divvying of work by what people are good at
<&Trev> We could make this better than the other three
<&acostoss> Huge collab album?
<&Trev> Hm.
<&Zovistograt> I'd participate.
<&Zovistograt> I think we need genocide to be involved.
<&Trev> If every track was a collab between two or more VIPPERs
<&Zovistograt> and then we release it on vinyl
<&acostoss> VIP/tanasinn
<&Zovistograt> ooh
<&Trev> yes
<&BENOIST> >vinyl
<&Zovistograt> sounds sweet
<&BENOIST> o u Zovi
<&Trev> the VIP album is blue, chill music
<&Zovistograt> hahaha
<&acostoss> I would buy a vinyl
<&acostoss> Without means of playing it
<&Zovistograt> acostoss
<&Trev> and the Tanasinn one is just pure evil
<&Zovistograt> let's not
<&Zovistograt> start that again
<&Zovistograt> hehehe
<&acostoss> Zovi, LETS
<&Zovistograt> oh god
<&Trev> I'll make limited edition vinyls
<&Trev> but electronic distribution is still primo
<&BENOIST> That conversation is how record labels start ufufufu
<&acostoss> Naturally
<&Zovistograt> yup
<&Trev> lol
<&Zovistograt> hi5 BENOIST
* BENOIST hi-fives Zovi
<&Trev> the craziness of a VIP stable
<&Zovistograt> right so digital distribution
<&Zovistograt> ya
<&Zovistograt> but um
<&Zovistograt> how are we teaming up
<&Zovistograt> draw names out of a VIPhat?
<&Trev> YES
<&Trev> I will do it on cam
<&Zovistograt> hahaha
<&Trev> everyones name goes into two hats
<&Trev> and everyone does two collabs
 <&Zovistograt> oh man.
<&Zovistograt> this sounds like fun.
<&Trev> The ultimate mix and match.
<&Trev> One VIP album that is "pure" one-artist music, just arranged for rising/falling action
<&Trev> and one album that is all collab songs
<&Zovistograt> mm
<&acostoss> collab would be the Tanasinn album ,thn?
<&Trev> yes
<&Zovistograt> probably
<&acostoss> then*
<&Trev> two people make much more beautiful chaos
<&acostoss> Assumed as much
<&Zovistograt> so the rule for the VIP album is smooth
<&Zovistograt> btw
<&Zovistograt> I figured out how to make music with a black olive today
<&acostoss> ...what
<&Zovistograt> by using it as a wind instrument
<&Zovistograt> w
<&acostoss> Oh
<&acostoss> ww
<&Trev> musical vegetables
<&Zovistograt> it makes a cool sound
<&Zovistograt> when you blow into the smaller hole
<&acostoss> Entire track, made by veggies
<&Zovistograt> :U
<&Zovistograt> btw
<&Zovistograt> for my slow track
<&Zovistograt> theremin solo
<&Trev> Trev+Zovi - Musical Vegetables vs The 303 Has a Prince Albert
<&Zovistograt> aw yeah
<&Zovistograt> Trev I would totally do that with you
<&Trev> :D archive