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Front page of Kuso Miso Technique, a popular comic book

Shall we do it? Or maybe I should show you my kusomiso technique.


Cultural note

"Doing it" is a subtle way of designating anal sex.

Yaranaika Versions of Popular Songs

When a Boy Meets a Gay

A boy meet a GAY.
Oh,Ah,the boy's juice is so sweet.
The boy's hardely closed virgin ass...
will start opening!!
Do you see that GAY?
The summer GAY...ABE-SAN!!!
Cannot help to stop my desire.
A pervert and a GAY hot one night!!!
Ripping off ass.
GAYs are turned!Every GAY fucks!!
Fucking and Fuckin' ass forever...
It's the GAY hand job quality!
Lick it crazy and make it hot...
Doit! Tic-tac
May not be able to stop fucking...
What?! COWPER doesn't stop leaking.
Wishing for fucked by GAYs again...
My first GAY sex experience...
Just lick it, boy.
Year, keep licking my dick, Gay friend...

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