Pax = A time of wide-ranging stability.

Tsukuru = Japanese word which means to "make" or "create."
Pax Tsukuru = Cross-lingual pun meaning "a time of stability for the makers."

NOTE: Engines or methods refer to any middleware or hardcoding means to program or otherwise create computer games., also, was a not-for-profit organization which is advertised as simply wanting the independent game design community to stop being such a pain to live in. However, its true purpose was to fight The Elitist Superstructure in secrecy.


Description and activities

The Pax Tsukuru is an organization dedicated to a simple and philanthropic cause. Too many game design communities out there are stagnant because they're too busy boasting about how their game engine is superior to their 'opponent'. They fail to realize that they should be grateful that games are being made at ALL. The ultra-independant game industry is falling around us, only most of us are too proud to see it! [1]

So, basically the Pax Tsukuru is a message to the ultra-indie game design community telling them to get over themselves. There's too much in-fighting over idiotic and useless issues and we're dying as a community because of it! We know there are other game making engines out there and everyone should respect that rather than bitch about how those people should switch to their engine! [2]

On a smaller scale, the individual sites dedicated to the various engines or methods have the same problem. Everyone should just be grateful that people are making games at all and stop pitching at passers-by to join their site under false pretenses. As tacky as it may sound, we really can just all get along, all it takes is a kick in the ego so you'll get over yourself. [3]

How to become a member (not affiliate, as affiliation carries a connotation that some find unpleasant) of Pax-Tsukuru?

First, you must remember that officially is a "not-for-profit organization, as in done for fun" [4]

You are then to fill a form [5] made with Contact Form Generator. [6]

Minimum requirements for member application validity

Minimum requirements for game registration validity

Controversy regarding the minimum requirements for game registration validity

A word derived from "Affiliation" is used ("Affiliate" [11]). However, affiliation sometimes carries a connotation that some find unpleasant.

What if my site already has a chatroom?

No worries, we wouldn't ask you to change chatrooms. [12] We only require that your site's representative be in the chatroom often enough so he can be available to answer questions people might have about that representative's specialty. [13]

A java chatroom for discussion uses none of your bandwidth and is never a risk to your site's security. You also get the influx traffic of being part of a website hub. You and your staff get ranks in this chatroom, and your site's representative gets Operator status as well. Game creators also get a position in the chatroom. Members also have the option of setting up their own room on the chat server and having the Pax Tsukuru javachat enabled to go to that chatroom. [14]

What else can I do to increase the chances of my site being accepted?

Discuss possible membership (not "affiliation", as "affiliation" carries a connotation that some find unpleasant [15]) with your staff to find out what they think and clean up the visual presentability of your site's engine or method section if necessary. Be sure your staff are aware that a basic code of conduct must be followed while in the Pax Tsukuru chatroom and also have a representative already in mind in case your site is accepted. It would also be a good idea to be ready to arrange an informal interview between Invisionary and your site's chosen representative. [16]

How does define "stand-alone"? defines "stand-alone" as: "Self-contained and usually independently operating." [17] That means that no other middleware is required to be previously installed in order to run the game. We do not allow games that are not stand-alone to be registered because part of the point of this game directory is to show even the casual game browser what a determined independant game-designer can do. Most game design programs that normally require middleware to run usually have a means to make the game a stand-alone, you just need to look for it. [18]

List of popular engines and methods

Controversy regarding the renewed acceptability of affiliation

Various edits were performed on Etherchan by an user named User:Invisionary, rumored to be affiliated[citation needed] with Pax-Tsukuru, edits that could be interpreted as a more open approach to affiliation[citation needed]. As experts are still debating the real meaning of no longer considering that "affiliation" carries a connotation that some find unpleasant, no further objective analysis is available yet [citation needed].

IGDD and the tragic[citation needed] downfall of Pax-Tsukuru

The true face of woe and misery

Current event

This section documents a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.

As of September 5412, 1993, Pax-Tsukuru is now about "Kuru, PAX, TSU, College Search, College Ranking, Online College, Community College, Private College, State College, College Distance Learning, College Course Online, College Scholarship, Online College Degree, Education Financing, Student Loan Consolidation, College Essays, Term Paper, and Need Cash? Click Here for Fast Cash".

As it currently stands, the cause of the disappearance of Invisionary and the removal of Pax-Tsukuru from the map is totally unknown. What is known is that at some point, Pax Tsukuru's battle capability greatly diminished, and Invisionary was forced into hiding. Allowing the Pax Tsukuru name to lapse, Invisionary formed, the Independent Game Development Directory. After gaining new power through IGDD, Invisionary revealed his ambition: IGDD was Pax-Tsukuru, recreated under the guise of a new website.

However, while a considerable improvement over the failing Pax-Tsukuru, IGDD was not enough. Not a year later, IGDD had also disappeared, as had its leader, Invisionary. The terrible implications of this new development are unclear.

Who, what, where, why, wait, what?

A number of theories as to how or why this happened have circulated on many popular internet message boards, both online and offline. As this is a wiki and we cover only the most truthful, factual facts and truth, they will be covered here.

"I know it's far from "cream of the crop", but for people anywhere from 8 to 16 it's a good thing to play around with" -Invisionary

Historians have interpreted this to mean that Invisionary was never defeated, but rather, that he had abandoned his battle. That Invisionary's ambition was ill-fated to begin with: because it would only last between the ages of 8 and 16. Historians believe that some time between Pax-Tsukuru's rise and IGDD's fall, Invisionary turned 17. In the process, he lost his will to unite the independent game community and defeat the nonexistent Elitist Superstructure. Instead, he is said to have chosen to live in pax with his family in Kansas, and never again attempt to tsukuru it for others. This theory is approved by The Elitist Superstructure.

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