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Anime (亞迩痲?, sometimes romanized animu) is Japanese animation!

Many anime series are based on manga, or Japanese comic book. In modern times, they have a tendency of sucking when they aren't. This seems to be due to high popularity and simplification of anime creation, as history proves that original anime do not have to suck.

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Excerpt from Fate/Shakugan no Mobile Suit Maiden Yumemiya Sakura no Naku Koro ni no Yuuutsu 7 A's+: The Second Raid, known in the West as Fate/The Melancholy of the Moment Burning Eyed Mobile Suit Maiden Sakura Yumemiya Cried 7 A's+: The Second Raid, a shoujo (girl's) anime. This series has drawn an average rating of 13.1 since its conception in 1990, a world record for a show aired daily. The imagery above is being used without the permission of its rightful owners, so don't tell anyone!

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