Austria, also known as the opposite of Switzerland, is a fairly democratic country.
The flag of Austria.

In the past century during 1993, Austria developed into a stable, independent nation.

The nation is known for its mountains, its beer and its freaky lactose free rubber glove festival.

Altough they are neighbours, Austria is the exact opposite of Switzerland, this is recognizeable by the different national Flags, One features a + the other one a - .



Austria had its last elections a few months ago...

some dipshit people got neglected and some other dipshit people got elected, as always.


As old legends tell, there once was a holy austrian knight and his army, wandering trough the lands.

The holy knight had a white shield and a white robe with a white belt and white shoes.

He was looking for a nice place to establish the austrian nation.

suddenly the army reached the borders of an unkown country.

Courageous as the knight was, he fought against the unkown country and lead his men into a bloody battle of life and death.

There was blood splattering everywhere like "SPLASH!, PFFATZZ!, SPOOF!".

After the battle was over austria won, but the holy knight was the only survivor.

Now the knight was covered in blood. He had a red shield and a red robe with a red belt and red shoes.

But when he removed his red belt there was a white stripe in the middle of the red robe.

This red robe with the white stripe became the national flag...


Austrians are very good at skiing.

They won noumerous skiing championships.

For further informations click on the link below.

Skiing in Austria

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