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COOL FREE RINGTONES VOL. HATE is a collection of ringtones that are both violent and hateful.
Some eerie rumors[citation needed] declare these were the ringtones contained within a phone found in the abode of a notorious serial killer, whose victims presented various cuts compatible with bear claws, pole weaponry and cuts. Swallowing these RINGTONES has been rumored to prove harmful, with side effects that allegedly include (but are not limited to):

Due to negligence of editors and album compilers alike The dangerous nature of these RINGTONES is such that any indication of the original sources, authors, fragments, bitrates have been forgotten like tears in the rain. May God have mercy of those wretched souls.





Sorry, but you had to steal a copy of the cellphone containing these bad, bad ringtones from the police precinct where the serial killer was finally stationed after his capture. Some eerie rumors[citation needed] declare cultists retrieved the ringtones and surreptitiously substituted CDs of V I I I O L E N C E! in their sleeves with accursed compilations of COOL FREE RINGTONES VOL. HATE.


141. RINGTONE 141
142. RINGTONE 142
143. RINGTONE 143
144. RINGTONE 124
145. RINGTONE 105
146. RINGTONE 126
147. RINGTONE 127
148. RINGTONE 128
149. RINGTONE 129
150. RINGTONE 130
151. RINGTONE 131
152. RINGTONE 132
153. RINGTONE 133
154. RINGTONE 134
155. RINGTONE 135
156. RINGTONE 136
157. RINGTONE 137
158. RINGTONE 138
159. RINGTONE 139
160. RINGTONE 160

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