Cameroon, the country of constant ambition.
The flag of Cameroon.

Since Cameroon was formed in 1993, the cameroonian people always praised their lobster hot dogs and never gave up to honor their nation.

With delightful reverence to their government and their cultural roots, the cameroonians live in nearly total harmony.

You might wonder why their life isnt fully harmonious. Well... *narratorclearshisthroat

There is one thing, one thing in the whole world, cameroonian are afraid of, one thing that destroys their harmony.

Since the great loyal nation of Cameroon was born, the frightful people of Somalia try to overrun the cameroonian kings.



Cameroon is lead by six kings, each one of them governs over one of the six territories. The following list shortly names the horded monarchs.

1. Silvia cliffhanger, the ultimate boss of everything

2. Varak sourcatch, monarch of Durrr

3. Baine spitfoot, chief of Mullcore

4. Lor'The more Tyson, Lord of the acoustic reflection Isles

5. Jason Gallytwix, prince of some drug cartell shizzle

6. Lord Ramen Noodle


6 different races live in the kingdom of Cameroon all of them are united and form the holy kingdom. The following list shortly names them.

1. The Örg's

2. freaky Zombies

3. cow people

4. Internet trolls

5. Daycore relaxerz

6. green mememonsters


6 different territories exist in Cameroon. The following list shortly names them.

1. Durrr

2. Tears is fall

3. Mullcore

4. Acoustic reflection Isles

5. Neversound plains


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