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Cherimoya GNU/Linux is a plan to provide a base system (for anons) which is preconfigured to be maximally capable and secure as soon as it boots, as an alternative to the dangers of Windows. Basically, the Ultimate Care Package.

A rebuild of Chakra/Arch Linux, Cherimoya aims to provide a simple, elegant KDE4 frontend to powerful tools for organization and activism in both cyber- and meat-space with tightly-integrated I2P and Tor capabilities. Included will be a host of cryptographic, communications, and security-testing utilities, for offensive pentesting. It also strives to be an installable Linux distro that could be used for average, everyday computing.

While still in the pre-alpha stage, and in need of some work, testers, and development, Cherimoya has over 4 years of research backing it. From the dreams of Chanology's L/i/nux and Payback's AnonOS, to CirnOS of 4chan's /g/, Cherimoya compiles and makes their ideas reality, once more.



  1. Give anons a preconfigured base Linux system to access anonymization networks, use powerful server auditing tools, and provide a safe and secure working environment
  2. Use sandboxing or mandatory access control on closed-source applications or other programs prone to exploits to protect the user's system and data, and make sure that each program does what it was advertised to do
  3. Create and maintain strong documentation for the distro, and the programs at large, and unify all of Anonymous's guides into one single "Newfag's Guide to Anonymous"
  4. Replace as many functions of Windows as possible, from multimedia to web surfing, programming to design so that Cherimoya at least becomes an attractive dual-boot option

Get Cherimoya[edit]

Getting Cherimoya is easy, just grab the latest from here.[1] The ISO can be burned to a DVD, or placed on a USB drive.

Remember to read the Beginner's Guide first!

System Requirements[edit]

Cherimoya has probably the lightest footprint for a KDE4 distro out there, being based on Chakra. It's well suited for netbooks and XP-based computers.

  • An Intel Pentium II or higher processor or AMD64-ready CPU for 64bit
  • 384MiB of RAM for running the live system and 512MiB of RAM for the installation, 1Gb of RAM for virtualbox installation
  • Around 4 Gib of available hard disk space (the more the better)
  • A screen capable of 800 x 600 or higher resolution
  • A reasonably fast internet connection; dial-up is too slow!


  • Linux Live is the best option. Windows only.
  • If you're using Linux, Multisystem has been reported to work, but it is untested...


If you need support, or are just making a suggestion, don't hesitate and go over to our forums.

You can also get support using Torchat, just add these numbers:

How to Help[edit]

For more information, see our Developer's Guide.

We need assistance in these areas:

Wiki Translation[edit]

These wiki pages need to be translated.If you can do it, just make an account on this wiki and start by clicking your language name at the top of any page.

Bug Testing[edit]

This is very simple: Just use Cherimoya and test it. Here's a list of things to look out for.

If you find any problems, don't hesitate to to post it on the forum.

Package Maintainer[edit]

For this, you will need a little experience in working with Arch/Chakra packages. A package maintainer will keep our packages up-to-date with the CCR and AUR, watching out for security or usability problems. More instructions are here.

Feature Creation[edit]

Cherimoya is still a budding system, and not all the needed features are complete or functional yet, notably I2P, firewalls, MAC control, custom kernels, etc. We need people who can make those features a reality. More instructions are here.



  • A modern, modular, and light KDE environment
  • Nepomuk semantic desktop (Danbooru-style tags, comments, ratings on files) and Strigi desktop search (searches within files)
    • Useful for your 4chan image archive and parsing massive stores of email/cable leaks
  • Uses the Larch buildsystem, making it easy to respin or make mods of Cherimoya
  • I2P & Tor preinstalled and configured
  • Standard offensive tools, including LOIC for QT, pyLoris, secure-delete, and macchanger
  • Firefox Addons (NoScript, Adblock, Betterprivacy, Torbutton, Greasemonkey+4chanX, Stylish 4chan themes, Flash Player (disabled by NoScript) etc)
  • Useful .bashrc alias and colors
  • LibreOffice, Krita, Kolourpaint, Kdenlive Video editor
  • Full multimedia support with Bangarang, using phonon backends Xine, Mplayer, and VLC
  • Wine + Touhou: Imperishable Night & Perfect Cherry Blossom preinstalled (Trial edition, though you can inject full version while building from source)
  • Arch Linux's Pacman package manager

Features to create[edit]

  • PELD Compliance
  • Mod Privoxy to filter all web domains to Tor, and .i2p domains to I2P when Torbutton is activated
  • Make a lot of rich documentation and code comments (we need your help for this)
  • Get some real mirror servers (we currently depend on Dropbox)
  • Get some art, a logo, and a Plymouth bootscreen (Please help us)
  • Apparmor + Tomoyo Linux profiles, to protect your computer from zero-day exploits and unseen backdoors in closed-source programs
  • Firewall activated (or just with Apparmor profiles) to prevent applications from "phoning home"
  • macchanger daemon, or Qt GUI
  • create version for older computers (using Openbox or rwm instead of KWin)