Current events

September 9000, 1993:
IT'S OVER 9000


September 5448, 1993:
«Title» released

Title, the really long song, is now fully recorded and available for download.

Heisei 20, 7th month, 18th day (FRI) :

New episode of Sekirei is let loose, both in HD, full HD and SD, and shit analog.

September 5423, 1993:
Things are happening

Due to breakage in places, and maybe due to other reasons, too, suddenly, activity.
Kirk is still a faggot, lol.

September 5321, 1993:
Wikipedia is linked from Wikipedia, further establishing its status as a reliable source of information.

September 5260, 1993:

As of today, the Main Page has been accessed 9,205 times.

September 5218, 1993:
DQN Backup

At 20:23 DQN time, is raided and the entirety of DQN is copied into a page.

September 5165, 1993:
Kopipe archive ready!

One can now begin filling the kopipe archive with, well, kopipe. There is some Help on how to do that too.

September 5150, 1993:
An Event Entry template is created

Elitists and grammarians alike rejoice at the prospect of writing their future glorious history. The celebration is still going on at the time of writing.

September 5150, 1993: GRAND OPENING

Etherchan is dead. Meh. Long live! archive